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Product Description

Vitallite provides adrenal and endocrine health, thereby increasing energy, physical stamina, mental focus, concentration, nighttime alertness, serenity, and an overall sense of well being. This clay is a natural earthen mineral source, featuring macro minerals as well as trace minerals. Vitallite is reffered to as a “Happy Clay,” providing the natural soothing effects of an ormus (angstrom element) clay, a natural sense of well being, and reduced stress after use.

The endocrine support Vitallite offers results in an increase in hormonal output, and therefore a greater energy level for physical exercise, improved mental focus for office or home activities, and more stable moods.

In cases of extreme adrenal exhaustion, best to take at least 3 hours before sleep while you work on a Kidney & Adrenal Building Program to replenish the Kidney Jing (which is the foundational energy for physical hardiness and overall health).

What is a normal serving amount of Vitallite?
Most will notice improved energy and well being from 1/8th teaspoon or more. A ¼ teaspoon (one capsule) amount provides an even greater level of energy and is typically sufficient for most people. Some prefer ½ teaspoon (2 capsules) for an ideal effect.

Some have experimented with 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon with varying effects from an uplifting, tingling effect throughout the body to a sedating effect necessitating a short nap (this is more likely if the body is in need of rest due to previous stresses or lack of sleep). So more is not necessarily optimal if energy and mental focus is your goal.

The larger amounts are interesting, but not necessary to achieve several hours of improved vitality and mental focus.

How long can I expect Vitallite to provide energy and mental focus?
The sustaining effects seem to range from 3-5 hours to all day for some from a single serving. If a typical afternoon sluggishness returns, a second serving at that time tends to lift the spirits and the energy levels once again.  For this reason it is recommended to add Vitallite to both your Morning and All Day Clay Water Mineral Drinks described during a previous Conference Call.

Will Vitallite help me stay awake while driving long distances?
Up to the point in which your body says “enough”, Vitallite tends assist drivers in staying awake and alert. At some point fatigue will still set in depending on your body’s ability to handle stress and its true need for rest. At the point where you notice that another sip of Vitallite Clay Water does not improve alertness, immediately pull off the road for rest or be sure to change drivers.

Will Vitallite keep me awake at night at home when I want to sleep?
For those with stressed or exhausted adrenals, the stimulating effects of Vitallite will keep you awake at night. It is best to take your last amount of Vitallite 3-5 hours prior to desired sleep. This insomnia effect is less likely to show for those whose adrenals are functioning well enough to turn off the cortisol at night and turn on the melatonin from your pineal gland, regardless of the day’s stress.

FYI, most people will tend to be more sensitive to insomnia during times of a full moon or excessive worry. At such times, Vitallite is more likely to keep people awake if taken too close to bed.

Recommended Use: 1 capsule (1/4 teaspoon) twice daily, morning and afternoon in water, smoothie or SumaRaj Tea. May be consumed with other food or herbs. May be taken during the day and when traveling long distances to improve energy and alertness.

For more information on Vitallite go to our Vital Health News archive: Vitallite is for Vitality – Energy from Clay



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any specific disease.

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