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Colon Purify Focus

Colon Purify Focus is our super formula for promoting a healthy digestive tract.


Take Your Health & Beauty To The Next Level at Our Wellness Origin Organic Store

At Wellness Origin Organic Store, we believe in integrating timeless health principles with modern science. Since 2009, we have been dedicated to providing a one-stop resource for the best of the best within the wellness industry. We endorse the use of the highest quality organic superfoods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and whole supplements.

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Introducing our New Wellness Origin

Organic Perfumes

Our Perfumes are created from 100% Organic Essential Oils. For instance, unlike other perfumes on the market today, our perfumes offer both beauty and health benefits for your ultimate well-being. After that, luxurious scents in our line include rose, coconut, ylang ylang, gardenia, and more.

We infuse the perfumes with notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Vanilla, and Jojoba. For instance, benefits of our perfumes include reducing stress, uplifting mood, refreshing, and more. In addition, read about each of the perfume benefits on the product pages.

Above all, each of the perfumes has been named and scented after songs written by Claudia Varga and her band, Zene. The songs are all uplifting songs created to inspire you and make your day better!

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