2 Healthy Smoothies and Juices for Vibrant Health

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Are you looking for easy, delicious ways to up-level the nutrition in your daily life?  In today’s article, I will share two of our Wellness Origin favorite beverages for excellent healthy habits. One of them is a healthy, organic smoothie. The second is an organic juice. By incorporating liquid foods like this into your diet, you do yourself a great favor for your well-being. Liquid foods allow the food to be more easily absorbed into your body, as it is already broken down. We highly recommend still “chewing your liquids.” This means to make sure the liquid has saliva mixed into it. This is important because whenever you mix saliva into your food, it will assist with the assimilation process into the body. Please find out about two of our favorite beverages. Additionally, learn about with the organic supplements we recommend for daily nourishment below.

Recipe 1: Healthy Smoothies – “Blueberry Dream Protein Smoothie”

One of our healthy smoothies uses two of our Wellness Origin energy supplements. Wild Superfood Complete and Collagen Peptide Focus. Wild Superfood Complete is our whole spectrum vitamin powder for your maximum nourishment. This product contains all the best nourishment for whole-body health. We also included Collagen Peptide Focus for a fantastic protein source. Collagen provides your body with the largest and most abundant protein. It is also the connective tissue throughout the body.

Ingredients in this smoothie:

1 cup organic bananas or avocados

1-2 tsp organic honey

1-2 tsp raw sprouted almond butter

1 tbsp Wild Superfood Complete

1 tbsp Collagen Peptide Focus

Additionally, 1 cup organic blueberries

8 to 16 oz water or coconut water

Blend the ingredients in a Vitamix and enjoy.

Recipe 2: Soothing GI Tract Juice with Organic Supplements

Our Soothing GI Tract Juice is a fantastic juice for keeping your gut and digestive system as healthy as possible. Our juice includes our product Cellular Energy Focus. This product is an amazing source of liquid ionic trace minerals. It provides your body with the minerals our modern diets are often lacking.

Ingredients to this juice:

Two cucumbers

Handful of mint

½ fennel bulb

Thumb sized amount of ginger


½ peeled lemon

One green apple

Two slices of pineapple

Juice these items together in a juicer. Therefore, you have your Soothing GI Tract Juice.

Above all, we hope you will enjoy incorporating these items into your daily diet. In addition, you can also play with variations of either the juice or healthy smoothies. In addition, this will provide for various flavors and an abundance of fun combinations.  

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