5 Tips for Healthy Living This Spring

Spring is beautifully coming into bloom, and we want to maximize your healthy living this spring. Find five of our top tips for living your best life this spring. You will probably be familiar with these tips – the purpose of our article is to bring these tips to the forefront of your awareness so you can implement them. Not just know about them. At Wellness Origin, our entire team serves to bringing your health and beauty to the next level. Enjoy our suggestions below.


Staying adequately hydrated in the spring is essential; as the weather changes, our bodies require extra love and care. By proper hydration, we recommend getting structured living water into your diet with raw juice. This can be found in fruits such as citrus – lemons and grapefruits. Making a juice like this will help properly hydrate your body, as it is also easily absorbable in the body.

Eat healthy: Incorporating More Fruits and Veggies

Adding more fruits and vegetables for organic food tips into your diet this spring is excellent for well-being. The weather is getting warmer, so we require more hydrating lighter foods. Keep getting all of your nutrition needs for your body type, add in the extra fruit juice or fruit plate, and add extra veggies to your salad or evening meal.

Regular Exercise for Healthy Living

Exercise is essential all year long; however as the spring comes, we need to take advantage of the natural growth in energy and the longer, warmer days. It becomes effortless to find time for a morning run or an evening workout in the gym or outside. Combining being outdoors with exercise is a beautiful way to increase vitality. This is because the sunshine combined with the exercise both create incredible benefits for the body and when coupled together, maximize their effects.

Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga

These three practices are all fantastic for balancing and recentering into the warm season. You can incorporate breathing exercises on your own or as a part of your yoga or meditation practice. One of our favorite breathing techniques is alternate nostril breathing, where you alternate breathing out of opposing nostrils. Meditation is always a great way to get rebalanced, and we highly recommend techniques including Transcendental Meditation, Breathwork, or focused attention meditation, holding your focus on an object.  

Spending More Time Outside

As we mentioned above with exercise, it is the perfect time to get back outside and ground in nature. We highly recommend spending more time outside, either before you begin the day, during lunch, or a sunset stroll. Spending time outdoors will help you recenter and improve your emotional happiness. A great way to spend time outside is going on a gratitude walk – where you walk and think about things you are grateful for.


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