5 Top Organic Beauty Care Products

Organic Beauty Care Wellness Origin Claudia Varga

Today I am going to share with you all about how to use the top organic beauty care products in your day-to-day life. Our products assist you in bringing out your best beauty and health. They provide your body with what it needs for best health on the inside and out. Here are five of our best organic supplements for knowing that you are beautiful and nourishing your individual beauty.

Organic Sulfur Focus
  • This product is one of our top organic supplements for hair, skin, and nail health. It assists with whole body health by promoting energy production. Sulfur is a vital building block throughout the body for assisting with cartilage production. This helps promote the health of your joints as well.
Hyaluronic Acid Focus
  • Our beauty food assists the body in building collagen, elastin, and cartilage to support hair skin and nails. This is the second of our foundational products for hair, skin, and nails. It is a foundational nutrient for keeping your beauty at its best.
Collagen Focus
  • With this product, we provide to you high quality collagen to support the connective tissue in the body, which is necessary for whole body health. Our entire body is made up of connective tissues, so when you support your health with our Collagen Focus, you are providing for not only your beauty but also your whole body.
Claudia Varga Fragrance
  • Our fragrance line consists of essential oil fragrance blends which are great for both health and beauty. While they have amazing health qualities, they also provide for your beauty energy whenever you enter a room. Our fragrances are perfect for organic beauty care because they contain organic oils only. They are a mom and daughter story, as Dr Eva makes the fragrances. We name them after her daughter Claudia’s songs. Claudia is a Singer who makes uplifting songs for enjoying life.  
Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenative Facial Cream
  • This product nourishes and hydrates your skin. Apple stem cells are high in antioxidants for your most radiant beauty vibe.

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