All About Organic: Learn the Basics

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What does all about organic mean?

Organic produce is cultivated on land which is free from the use of synthetic chemicals and toxins. Fruits, vegetables, and other goods which have the seal of organic on them have been grown in soils which are more supportive of human health. The land has to have had no prohibited substances used on it for the previous three years to classify as organic. Let this article teach you about great foods and answer your questions!

Who is it for?

You will find that many people who eat organic food have a health-conscious lifestyle. In addition, professionals and people with high performance in their work often choose organic food. This is because they know the way they fuel themselves is going to affect their performance on a daily basis. Above all, people who are very invested in developing healthy habits overall also choose to eat organic live superfoods. The purpose is because they are looking for the top quality foods for their everyday meals.

What is the difference between organic and raw foods?

The health market today has many different labels for types of foods, and it can be difficult navigating the waters if you are not used to different terminology. Raw foods are foods which are not cooked – they are never heated above 120 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve their natural structure and nutrition. Above all, raw foods are great because they are easy to digest, keep you lean and give you instant energy and nutrients. As mentioned, Organic is the labeling used for foods grown in farms without synthetic chemicals and unwanted toxicity. An organic apple in its natural state is raw food. If you sautéed cauliflower and zucchini on the stove, these would be cooked foods.

What are the benefits of fresh produce?

At Wellness Origin, we always suggest eating the highest quality foods which you can find daily. In addition, organic foods are going to be generally cleaner than other foods. This allows you to limit the amount of toxicity in your body. Benefits of this include improving energy, mental clarity, overall wellbeing, mood, and improved health of all of your organ systems, muscles, bones, and joints. Using a superfoods list of your must-have foods is going to assist in shopping and cut time and costs in the process!

What do I do if I cannot find the right options?

Always look for the best options you can find. When organic is available, choose it. There are farms which may not have the financial backing to classify themselves as officially organic. You can buy from these vendors also.

Looking at the quality of your produce is another excellent method of choosing your food. Say you find a lettuce crop which has many great certifications and not the organic stamp. If it looks luscious and very fresh, chances are it is a good alternative if organic is not available. That being said, if an organic item does not look good enough to eat, do not eat it just because it is labeled as such. Sometimes food can sit out too long. Or there can be other factors that may occur after it has been moved on from the farm and put onto the market. Above all, use common sense regardless of whether something is organic or not.

In addition, use our product Purifying Sulfate Minerals to assist with removing impurities from foods, if you purchase non-organic produce. For instance, just soak your mushrooms or asparagus in water treated with Purifying Sulfate Minerals. It will remove any unnecessary toxicity from your food, so it is safe to eat!

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