Anna Kenyon’s Incredible Body Transformation with Wellness Origin!

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Body Transformation with Wellness Origin

Our Marketing Director, Claudia Varga, sat down with Anna Kenyon, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. We learned about how she completely transformed her body! Her body transformation was so incredible, that she now does competitions to show her physique. She also created a business around fitness training and nutrition coaching.

In the video, learn about what products and services she used from Wellness Origin to create her body transformation for women. You can also learn about the unique nutrition principles Anna applied from Wellness Origin, by booking an appointment with us at our Spa.

Making a lasting body transformation can impact your life on every level! From improving mood, energy, mental clarity, and self image, lasting health and fitness changes will help you to become your best self.

Are you interested in making an amazing transformation for yourself? Let us know how we can be of service to you! We can offer you a wellness consultation and assess what your immediate needs are! After that, we offer a wide variety of services for your best self!

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