Be More Organic: How to Eat a Low Mucus Diet

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In today’s article, I will share with you how to eat in a way that complements longevity, beauty, and health. It is easy to fall into bad eating habits in the modern world. However, on the other hand, when you are equipped with resources, it is easy to fall into good eating habits. Your body quickly picks up on them and starts craving the better foods, from my experience. I will share with you the foods to eat to minimize mucus in the body and do it in a way which complements getting enough nutrition and fats. When the body is congested with mucus, you are prone to not feeling good.

Eating a diet that complements low mucus keeps your whole system feeling good. This is personally the diet I follow, and I have the body I have always dreamed about, naturally. At Wellness Origin, we are all about organic foods. Our goal at Wellness Origin is to encourage you to take up healthy habits to achieve your body goals, which are always possible if you consistently work towards them.

Fruits & Vegetables: Be More Organic

Eating a lot of organic fruits and vegetables is perfect for keeping the mucus low in the body. You can enjoy blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Vegetables like carrots, turnips, and broccoli are perfect for a low mucus diet.

Nuts and Seeds

It is wonderful to add nuts and seeds into the diet in their original, raw, sprouted form. Be more organic with your foods, so organic is also best. These foods provide healthy fats for the body without creating excess mucus. It would be best if you ate them in small quantities, for example, 16 almonds a day.

Lemons and Limes

These citrus fruits are ideal for helping to thin the mucus from the body. So, if feel too congested or nasally, try some lemons or limes to eliminate the mucus buildup. They are always essential to have on hand in your daily grocery list.

Ghee Butter from Health Foods Stores

Eating the traditional ayurvedic butter is an excellent source of healthy fats without causing too much mucus build up in the body.

Foods to Consume in Small Amounts for Fats and Proteins

We recommend consuming the following foods in small amounts to promote a low mucus diet. These further keep your fats and proteins in balance so that you have full nutrition in your diet. You Can Add Organic Eggs, Raw Organic Cheese, Mushrooms, Organic Chicken. These foods can cause mucus in the body; however, the nutrition content is important. So, this is where balance comes in and consistency. And if you eat too much of one of these foods, simply thin it down with lemons and lots of water.

Additions for Your Best Body

We recommend adding our product Colon Purify Focus into your daily supplement plan, to flush toxins out of the body naturally so you can maintain a healthy wait and flush mucus out of the body as well. In addition, regular exercise and lots of water promote circulation and mucus thinning. Combining a mucus rich diet with Colon Purify Focus, Exercise, and Hydration and a Mineral Rich Diet is a great recipe for your healthiest, best body.

Foods to AVOID Which Are Mucus Forming

Conventional dairy

Regular dairy products like whole milk or cheese, even if organic, cause mucus, and need to be cut from the diet. That is why we substitute it with small dosages of raw, organic cheese if needed.


Traditional grains are mucus forming and should not be in the diet. Think about paper Mache being put into your intestines, it would clog your system up. This is what happens inside the body every time we eat grains. You can substitute grains with hearty vegetables, meats, mushrooms, nuts, and seeds. Of course, if you consume grains one time on a rare occasion, or at a dinner party they ask everyone to try the bread, you will be fine. The goal is to consistently eat a low mucus diet and consistently avoid the mucus-forming foods. Pay attention to how your body feels, and when you feel too congested, add the limes and hydration, exercise, and double down on the low mucus foods.

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