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Many of our modern diets are deficient in magnesium. This element plays a huge role in whole-body health, and without adequate magnesium in our daily nutrition, we are missing out on a foundational need our bodies have. Above all, find out about three amazing benefits of magnesium in the body and what we recommend for your daily dose of magnesium.

Relaxation and Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium assists with relaxing the body, muscles, and the entire nervous system. In addition, it can be used for persons with stress or anxiety to calm down and release those stressors. It is also beneficial for aiding with relaxation and having a good night’s rest. Above all, we highly recommend using magnesium right before bed regularly for maximum benefits.

Heart health

The element assists with keeping the cardiovascular system strong and functioning properly. After that. as Magnesium helps to relax the body’s muscles, it does the same thing for the heart. Helping the heart muscles relax and contract properly will play an integral role in keeping you health and at your best vitality.

Bone health

Magnesium supplements assist to keep the bones healthy and keep you away from the risks of having weak bones. Above all, the element assists in maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D and calcium in the bones, both of which are necessary for your best health of your bones.

Our best magnesium supplement: Magnesium Oil Focus

Our favorite way to use magnesium is through our supplement, Magnesium Oil Focus. In addition, this product is a spray which consists of Magnesium Oil, or magnesium chloride. You can find this product in our organic store. In addition to other vitamins and supplements, we highly recommend adding this to your daily self care routine. It is easy to use – simply spray it on your body! You may experience a light tingling sensation which is completely normal, it just means it is working properly for you and being absorbed into your body.

My personal experience with this product has been amazing. I love to use it every night before I go to sleep. Anytime I use it, I generally experience a feeling of calm and relaxation, and I am literally drawn to it because of this. Anytime you are feeling stressed, remember to add our best magnesium supplement into your skin care routine.

Watch our video on Magnesium Oil Focus on our YouTube Channel. Learn more about our products on our Online Blog.



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