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Best Supplements for Lymphatic Health | Wellness Origin

What exactly is the Lymphatic System?

Similar to veins and capillaries, our bodies have a network of tubes that help the body get rid of toxins and waste. After that, the primary function of these tubes is to carry fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells through the body. The tubes are connected to lymph nodes, which act as filters. In addition, our tonsils, adenoids, spleen, and thymus are all part of the lymphatic system. Our bodies have hundreds of lymph nodes, mostly from our head to the knee area. Some are near the heart and lungs, while others are near the surface in the underarm and groin areas. Due to the complexity and importance of our lymphatic system, our primary goal is to find the best supplements and options that support lymphatic health!

Super supplements for happy, healthy living 

Digestive Bitters Focus:

Assists in the production of bile and digestive enzymes. Above all, this combination aids in diminishing toxins in the bloodstream, dissolves stones, and provides support to the gallbladder, kidneys, and liver, helps with weight management, bloating, bowel health, digestion, and candida.  opens in a new windowClick to visit the product page.

Magnesium Oil Focus:

A vital source of full-spectrum minerals to every cell in our body. In addition, it reduces stress, anxiety, and muscle tension, supports the heart, bone formation, metabolism, and cellular reproduction.  opens in a new windowClick to visit the product page. 

Permeability Focus:

Excellent source for ionic minerals and trace elements needed for optimal health. In addition, it helps clear out congestion and biofilms in the body.  opens in a new windowClick to visit the product page. 

Trinity Spray:

This spray promotes cellular rejuvenation throughout the body. In addition, it also assists in breaking down debris and accumulations that have hardened for elimination.  opens in a new windowClick to visit the product page. 

Above all, these are just a few of the best organic supplements that benefit lymphatic health and are all available in our organic food store

Methods and tips for cleansing the lymphatic system


The system used to feed oxygen into the tissues and help with detoxification, removal of waste, oxygen saturation, along with providing energy to the cells. In addition, sessions are done with an ST-8 unit and are available at our wellness center.  opens in a new windowClick to learn more about LBG.

Detox Baths:

Add Soothing Quartz Detox Clay or Ultra Pull Detox Clay to your bathwater. After that, the clay helps pull out toxins, chemicals, environmental pollutants, metals, and other debris that accumulates in the body. Both are available in our organic food store.  opens in a new windowClick for soothing quartz product page.   opens in a new windowClick for ultra pull product page. 


Very important to move the lymphatic fluid through the body. Rebounding on a trampoline is highly recommended or visit our spa and use our vibration machine. 


It helps with detoxifying the body and can be targeted to specific areas.


Deep breathing helps move the lymphatic fluid

Skin Care:

Dry brushing the skin promotes lymphatic drainage. 

Cosmetic and Product Usage:

Items applied to the skin absorb into the lymph, which adds to the waste load. Above all, deodorant is applied directly over lymph nodes under the arms. Focusing on products that are organic and do not contain preservatives and chemicals is always the best option. 


Drinking plenty of water helps with detoxification and elimination. Above all, addding organic lemon or lime juice will help this process. Eat whole foods and avoid processed foods; this is key to lowering additional waste in the opens in a new windowlymphatic system.

In conclusion, learn more about beauty and wellness on our opens in a new windowYouTube Channel.

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