Calendula & Chamomile Flower Face Cream – Best Body and Face Moisturizer

Calendula and Chamomile Flower Face Cream Wellness Origin Claudia G Varga Body and Face Moisturizer

What is Calendula & Chamomile Flower Face Cream, Our Best Body and Face Moisturizer

Our Calendula & Chamomile Flower Face Cream is our amazing body and face moisturizer for treating your face. It works with the deepest hydration for your best beauty glow. This formula is packed with luxurious and organic ingredients. The ingredients include provitamin B5 and Vitamin A for reducing the appearance of fine lines while moisturizing your skin. Additionally, ingredients in our skincare product include calendula, red clover, and evening primrose for improving the skin’s appearance and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The product contains fatty acid in the body through sweet almond and avocado oil, providing more supple and radiant skin. Enjoy using this product on your face as a daily face cream, and additionally on your body as a body cream for your best health and wellness.

Personal Experience with Wellness Origin Skin Care Products  

Our body and face moisturizer can be used in a daily morning and evening skincare routine. We recommend starting your skincare routine with Increase Vitality Skin Cleanser, then using our Peppermint Citrus Toner to tone your skin. You can also add our Revitalizing Charcoal Face & Body Masque for additional skin health. Following this skincare routine, you can use our Calendula & Chamomile Flower Face Cream to finish your routine for deeply hydrating your skin. You can also use the product on your body at any time during the day. We recommend this product for use on dry areas such as your elbows, feet, and knees, for additional moisture. In addition, we also have additional products about face skin care in our online store. You can learn about skin care, vitamins, and supplements on our online blog.

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