Organic Food Tips: Choosing the Right Organic Superfoods Powder

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Excellent! You have done your research and have learned the tremendous health benefits offered by Organic Superfoods Powder. Good job! But you are only halfway to where you need to be. Learn our organic food tips to choose the best one.

There is a dizzying array of products from which to choose.  Also, some of the products seem to be a lot less expensive as others. Are they truly the same?

Unfortunately, they are not all the same. And there is a lot of hucksterism and false claims surrounding many of the organic superfood powders. In addition, the inexpensive organic superfood powders claim to contain the exact same ingredients as their more expensive counterparts.

You still need to do a little more research on organic food tips.

In a nutshell, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate herbal and dietary supplements are stringently as it regulates food and drugs. In fact, the makers of herbal supplements can introduce anything to the marketplace without FDA approval, so long as they follow consistent and good manufacturing processes. The FDA has the power to remove a product after it has been introduced if it is causing harm to people. But other than those slim oversights, it is the wild west in the supplement world. Caveat emptor.

This puts the onus on the consumer as there is a tremendous difference in quality among organic superfood powders even though they may appear to contain the same ingredients.  And even more disappointing, many products do not even contain the ingredients they claim.

If the products sometimes do not even contain what they claim how can anyone select a high-quality product? Wait, it gets even more complicated.

There are times when there are multiple versions of the same ingredient. Spirulina has more 15 different types, all advertised as being the same. But they are not.

How to pick a high-quality organic superfoods powder

1)   Organic food tips – Research before you purchases – When evaluating organic superfood powders it is imperative to dig deep and research the contents of the organic superfood powder.  Generally, people first identify a superfood they wish to try and then research it. Then, they look for a reputable product that contains a pure, organic form of the superfood. As you evaluate organic superfood powders, research each ingredient listed in the powder. It is always a good idea to rely on government and academic websites, as opposed to vendor websites when researching to ensure the data is unbiased and factual. Also, look at recent data as opposed to data more than five years old. Doing your research is by far the most important step in your search.

2)    Contact the manufacturer – Many times, manufacturers deliberately use vague language to describe their contents. Go right to the source and ask questions.  A good example of a question to ask the manufacturer is “Does your product contain Spirulina as arthrospira platensis or is it another type?” Spirulina known as arthrospira platensis is the most commonly studied and most desirable. Or you could ask what is the source of your Spirulina? Some countries (China) are known to produce tainted Spirulina. (See why the doing research is so important?)

Two More Organic Food Tips

3)    Talk to your doctor – You can’t go wrong asking your doctor his or her opinion. Your doctor can look at your list of medications and compare it to the contents of your organic superfood powder.  Generally, organic superfood powders are safe to use, but everyone’s situation is different, and a qualified medical opinion can eliminate any drug contraindications.

4)    Use Common Sense for organic food tips – If you think the Organic Superfood product is too inexpensive to be effective, it probably is. Many times, you get what you pay for.   Organic Superfood powders are relatively new to the market, and a lot of inferior products compete with products containing high-quality ingredients.  One can usually assume the quality of a Siberian Ginseng sold at a gas station is not the same as a product made by a reputable vendor who specializes in nutrition and superfoods.

An organic powder is a convenient way to get the great benefits of Superfoods. But it is vital to invest time and research to ensure you are putting only high-quality superfoods into your body.

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