Components of Nutrition: Top brain boosting foods and breathwork practices

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It is very essential to take care of your brain power and manage it well. This will make you sharper, more focused, and have more endurance in your days. Our brains are incredible. Feed yourself with the right components of nutrition and do simple breathwork practices. They can assist in keeping your focus at its best. There are many ways to nourish your brain. Other methods include consuming positive content and challenging yourself for personal growth. Today, we will focus on the types of 5-star nutrition in foods and breathing exercises you can do to give your brain an extra boost. Keep these tools in your pocket figuratively and the foods in your fridge and get ready to maximize your potential.

Brain boosting foods: Components of Nutrition

Organic dark chocolate is fantastic for boosting brain power as it is high in antioxidants and healthy fats. It is excellent to include in your morning smoothie. Add it along with other superfoods such as acai berry (powder) or maca root (powder) and our Wild Superfood Complete. You can also enjoy a few bites of healthy, organic dark chocolate after a meal to give you uplifting energy going into the rest of your day.

Berries are unique foods due to multiple reasons, one of them being fiber content. They nourish your digestive system by providing the fiber your body needs to properly eliminate toxins. This keeps your mind and body clear and healthy. Additional components of nutrition in berries include supplying the body with antioxidants and structured living water, which assists with brain and whole-body hydration. Many times, simply hydrating the brain is what our bodies need to think properly.

Avocados are high in healthy fats, which provide nutrition for the brain. Our brain needs the good fats to function at its best, so you need to make sure you are adding healthy, fatty foods into your diet to nourish and support your brain.  

Brain boosting foods from our organic food store

Wellness Origin’s Wild Superfood Complete is our best superfood powder for whole-body nutrition. Our product is fantastic for providing your body with the nutrition you need for your best health, both mind and body. It is an excellent way to add healthy brain and body foods into your diet. Do it with ease and even on the go.

Wellness Origin’s Cellular Energy Focus contains liquid ionic trace minerals to provide the body with the minerals our diets are lacking. This product enhances focus, concentration, and endurance. Adding it into your daily regime in the morning and mid-way through the day is an excellent way to improve your endurance and energy throughout the day.  

Breathwork for Brain Power and Overall Well-being

Alternate Nostril Breathing. This is a simple breathwork technique that assists in staying calm and centered, and it relieves stress and anxiety, among other benefits. You simply use your thumb and ring finger to cover each nostril. Inhale through the left nostril for four seconds, hold both for four seconds, and exhale out through the right nostril for four seconds.

Simple in-breaths and out breaths. Breathing in and out through the belly is an excellent way to stay centered and calm in any situation. Or it helps to regain your center with relative ease. Many times, we are not breathing correctly, and this can result in stress or anxiety which could simply be avoided by breathing properly. Try this technique at home and have it with you anywhere you go to stay feeling great and balanced.

Breathe in for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4. This is another great breathing technique which is wonderful for relaxation and centering. You do simply as I explained above. You breathe in for four seconds, hold your breather for four seconds, and then you exhale for four seconds. Enjoy whichever technique you like best for keeping your mind and body balanced.

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