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Find out how to find the best organic supplements online. The organic supplement business can be a shady place.

Why? Because the FDA currently does yet not have the authority to oversee supplements as with food and medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate herbal and dietary supplements as strictly as they control food and drugs. The makers of herbal supplements posses the ability to introduce anything to the marketplace without FDA approval, so long as they follow consistent and good manufacturing processes.

In effect, it means any good manufacturer can put almost anything in a bottle and label it as something else. Unfortunately, many manufacturers engage in similar behavior today. Several studies show that many companies sell products where the listed ingredients are not even contained in the bottle! One may think they consume a popular supplement like garlic but, then they consume a filler product that contains absolutely no garlic. Many times, unscrupulous companies substitute inexpensive and generally worthless ingredients such as rice, mustard, and wheat. If these mislabeled products do not cause harm and cause people to complain, the FDA will allow it.

This means it serves as paramount to find a source of organic supplements you can trust.

When evaluating a source of Organic supplements, it helps to ask several questions

  1. What is in this Organic supplement?

  • Does it contain what it claims?
  • Does it contain any by-products that may be harmful or unnecessary?
  • Can I trust this source?
  • Can the source refer you to authoritative online studies which provide supporting evidence of the efficacy of the supplement?
  • Does the supplement contain the same form as indicated by the studies? For example, they may claim the product contains Spirulina, but there exist many different types of Spirulina, and only two species have been studied extensively.

Address many of these questions by calling the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not provide a way to ask questions about their product, one may assume they cannot be trusted as many legitimate companies are willing, eager and proud to tell you their product contents and their benefits.

2. Does the Company have a track record in Health and Wellness with the Best organic Supplements Online?

  • Were any Certified clinical Nutritional Consultants or anyone with an advanced degree involved in the creation of this product?
  • What is their history and experience in using this supplement?
  • Is the company aware of any contraindications concerning using this product and are they listed?

3. Are the product ingredients organic?

  • Any pesticides, synthetic or natural used in its production?
  • Is this product in its most natural form?
  • Wild sourced? That is, taken directly from Nature along with its associated micronutrients?

There exists a tremendous difference in quality and efficacy between supplements because there is not stringent oversight of the supplement industry. Because of this, research to truly get the most benefits from superfoods.  When choosing a doctor, many people perform research to find the best specialist. When buying a car, many people research the best options and price. Are the foods you consume worth the same effort?

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