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At Wellness Origin, our mission is to help take you from where you are with your health and beauty and get yourself to your next level. One of the key foundations of excellent health is physical movement. In our modern society, people sit too much and eat unhealthy foods, both of which cause stagnation in the body and lead to unfavorable health. We desire to educate you on various lifestyle changes you can make to improve your life and well-being. I will share with you our best supplements and energy supplements that can assist with workouts. We will also discuss several excellent workouts and movement strategies to get yourself to your best body.

Vitamin C Focus and Immune Focus Wildcrafted Nutrition

These are our two supplements that support immune health. Vitamin C Focus is our unique powerhouse vitamin c formula which will assist in providing your body with this amazing vitamin. Immune Focus is our immune-boosting potent formula for staying in your best health. It is essential to nourish your immune system whenever you are working out, so you stay healthy for your upcoming workouts and enjoy the process.

Collagen Peptide Focus

Our Collagen Peptide Focus product is one of our energy supplements that supports a great workout. The largest and most abundant protein in the body is Collagen, and it is the connective tissue found throughout the body. So, you can see how important it is to supplement with the best supplements for your health. Collagen is wonderful for bodybuilders and anyone wanting to come into their best fitness.

Magnesium Oil Focus

Our Magnesium Oil Focus product is among our best vitamins and supplements for nourishing your body after your workout. Many times, our modern diets are lacking enough magnesium. By adding this product to your daily supplements, you are helping to relieve tension in the muscles and relax them. This supports your body in its best health for upcoming workouts.

Cellular Energy Focus

Our product contains full spectrum ionic minerals which are fully absorbable in the digestive system. This allows you to add minerals back to the body which we often need, but our modern diets are lacking. This product is fantastic for reducing muscle soreness after your workout. This works by replenishing the body and the cells to get rid of the sore feeling. I have experienced this personally and therefore I started taking the product regularly. I was getting so sore after my workouts and when I tried the product, it worked immediately to relieve my soreness. It is very straightforward to use, add it to your water.

Exercises and Movement in Addition to Energy Supplements

Kicking things off, it is essential that we are experiencing movement throughout the day, not only whenever we are working out. I highly recommend having a standing desk accessible for your computer and writing activities and taking time to work out during your day. If you can walk to work, that is excellent.  

Doing interval training is a great way to get your heart rate up and maximize your workout. For example, you can run slow for 30 seconds and then run faster for the next 30 seconds. Keep doing this for a few minutes, and you will experience the wonderful benefit of interval training.

Weight training is very important along with taking vitamins and supplements for keeping your muscles healthy and having your best body. Whenever you do weights, you are moving the lymphatic system in the muscles and allowing for toxins to leave the body and the toning of your whole body and muscles.

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