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Organic Supplements for Hair Growth Wellness Origin

Our team has shared with you our Best Organic Supplements for Hair Growth and Thickness:

  • Organic Plant Silica Focus
  • Collagen Focus
  • Also, Organic Sulfur Focus

Additional favorites include Hyaluronic Acid Focus and Vitamin C Focus for maximizing your hair health and overall wellbeing. Today, I am sharing my own hair growth story with you! It incorporates using the Wellness Origin organic hair supplements along with eating a clean and nourishing diet to grow my dream head of hair.

Are you unhappy with the current look or health of your hair? If you do not have the hair you desire, I hope my own experience will inspire you to take action on making lifestyle changes, which can help you grow the hair of your dreams!

My Early Days, Before Organic Hair Supplements

When I was in my early teens, my hair was just a little past my shoulders. As a girl who loved everything fashion growing up, I desired to have long beautiful hair I could play with and style for a natural look every day. A lot of my best friends had gorgeous hair, while my hair just wouldn’t want to grow!

Can you relate to wishing for your hair to look amazing? If so, learn how I turned my situation around, and how you can do it too!

My diet at the time consisted of pasta, cheese, and tomato sauce almost every single day. Other staples included traditional Hungarian desserts like palacsinta (a thin, pancake type dessert with sweet filling in the middle). And of course, there was my daily stop for a burrito every day after school.

As I grew a little older, I learned my body at the time was not receiving the proper building blocks to grow my hair long and thick.

Making Changes with Nutrition and Organic Supplements for Hair Growth

In high school and college, I transformed my diet. Fast forward to today, I eat an all organic, plant-based diet of primarily fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and certain additions like raw cheese, ghee butter, organic eggs, and mushrooms.

The noticeable change in my hair growth began as I incorporated our best hair supplements for growth into my lifestyle, Organic Plant Silica Focus, Organic Collagen Focus, and Organic Sulfur Focus, along with the dietary changes I was making. I developed a protocol for taking my supplements, and I consistently stuck with the protocol for months. Even when it was difficult to balance in my daily routines, I kept going. I added additional supplements to maximize my intake of full spectrum nutrition every day. Supplements like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, B Vitamins, Fulvic Acid Focus and more helped me to receive complete nutrition.

Throughout college, I was able to grow my hair very, very long and it has kept on growing ever since! I now have my very own long and thick head of hair, and sometimes it even gets too long now! I have also incorporated more circulation boosting foods into my daily diet to help nutrition to reach my hair and my entire body. Circulation boosting foods include ginger root, raw cacao, niacin supplementation, and cayenne pepper.

The Key Takeaway for You!

The key takeaway I would like to share with you is this: Regardless of where you are starting from, through patience and strategy over the long term, YOU can grow your hair long, thick and GORGEOUS!

I wish you will learn from my experience to help you grow your gorgeous head of hair as long and thick as you desire! We are so excited to share with you our natural supplements for hair growth and thickness!

You can work with one of our nutrition specialists to maximize your diet and supplement protocol to meet your individual needs.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos on hair growth to get started!

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