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Many people have heard about Superfoods and the many nutritional benefits they offer. But, as with much nutritional information, there are some misconceptions and conflicting ideas. This article addresses four of the most common misconceptions about Superfoods in a short quiz designed to set the record straight. Also, this article will teach you more about our organic superfoods list for your grocery cart.

Fact or Fiction: The Best Superfoods Quiz

Examine the statements below and determine if the statement is a fact or is fiction.

Question one:

Superfoods are wondrous foods for our bodies.

This is a FACT.

Superfoods are classified as such because they contain high amounts of naturally occurring vitamins, beneficial minerals and offer nutritional benefits for your body. Foods such as kale, avocado, acai berries, broccoli, mushrooms, and walnuts are considered superfoods because of their many health benefits. Pound for pound, these foods contain many more nutrients than most foods with few or no disadvantages.

Question Two:

Mainstream ‘superfoods’ are the only foods your body needs.

This is FICTION.

It is important to remember that nature has many abundant foods sources. Don’t forget about foods for your organic superfoods list like cabbage, radishes, and Brussel sprouts – many foods have beneficial nutritional content, regardless of whether they are marketed as a superfood.  One should always be wary of any claim that suggests one type of food source is all that is needed for proper nutrition. 

No one type of food can independently improve your health or prevent illness. People need an abundance of food sources to ensure they receive the proper amount of nutrition. Superfoods are special because they contain more nutrients than most foods while avoiding excess calories or unhealthy fats.

More Fact or Fiction on an Organic Superfoods List

Question Three:

The only way to receive proper protein and healthy fats are by eating animal products.

This is FICTION.

While foods like Salmon are considered superfoods and have solid nutritional benefits, there are many plant-based superfoods that are important sources of protein and fats. These are especially significant for vegetarians who have fewer sources of healthy fats than others. 

Some plant-based superfoods include broccoli, mushrooms, avocado, beans and spinach. It seems Popeye was way ahead of his time. He recognized spinach as an important plant based superfood before anyone!

Question Four on Organic Superfoods List

Avocados are super high in nutrition content

This is a FACT.

In the past, some nutritionists were wary of the high-fat content in avocados, but this was before Nutrition Data demonstrated there is ‘good’ dietary fat and ‘bad’ dietary fat. Not all foods high in fats are unhealthy. Avocados contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial nutrients. It is high in vitamin C, E, K, folate, magnesium, potassium, and B6. It is also a wonderful source of healthy fats.

Even the best superfoods are not a panacea. They will not make up for a steady diet of bad food choices. Having an occasional slice of avocado or a small portion of spinach will not undo the empty calories you get from eating fast food five days a week. Rather, superfoods serve as a healthy nutrient delivery system with few or no drawbacks. They tend to be natural, plant-based, and low in calories. Seek them out, indulge and enjoy them!

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