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At Wellness Origin, we want you to enjoy radiant health and beauty in every season. Especially when the season changes, our bodies require extra attention and care to nourish through the season change. In this article, we are sharing hair, skin, and nails tips for the fall. Learn how to keep your hair gorgeous, skin radiant, and your nails and teeth strong and shining even through the season change.

Stay Hydrated

It is essential to stay hydrated all year, however, whenever the fall season comes about, our bodies can be more easily dehydrated. This is because there is less moisture in the air. You can tell if your body is dehydrated based on the texture of your lips. A great way to hydrate is with organic juices, especially citrus juice. These juices have structured living water straight from the fruits, which is water in its purest form. You can also hydrate with spring water and minerals like our Cellular Energy Focus.

When you stay hydrated, you help keep your skin smooth and hydrated as well. It also helps to keep your skin clear because keeping your body hydrated means your intestinal tract will also flow better and eliminate waste properly. Whenever we have breakouts on the skin, it is a sign of internal congestion. Keep your body hydrated and your bowels moving properly, and you will notice clearer skin. Add our product Colon Purify Focus for maximum colon health and supporting your healthy and glowing skin.

Organic Supplements

Our three organic supplements for hair care include Organic Sulfur Focus, Hyaluronic Acid Focus, and Collagen Peptide Focus. All three of these products support the growth of healthy and glowing hair, in addition to a wide range of health benefits to support your entire body. When the season changes to fall, take extra care to add these supplements into your daily diet for ultimate hair skin and nails care.

Food for Hair, Skin, and Nails Health

Nutrition is key for keeping your hair skin and nails healthy this fall. The benefits of eating organic food include improving energy, mood, the look of your physique, and all-around well-being. What is organic food that supports your hair skin and nails? We recommend the famous, delicious fruit avocado for essential fats that support your body. Also, organic eggs are amazing for your best beauty. Finally, adding fatty fish such as wild-caught salmon and organic sweet potatoes into your diet are also a great addition for keeping your hair gorgeous and your skin glowing.

Simple Skin Care that Goes a Long Way

For the transition between seasons, you can notice your skin feeling a little more dry than usual. Therefore, implementing a skincare routine is very important. You can do it with your evening routine for example for an easy-to -remember method for doing skin care. The simplest and most effective skin care product is organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. This product can be used all over the skin as a lotion for amazing benefits with hydrating, disinfecting, and nourishing the skin. You can also use it on the ends of your hair and lightly throughout your hair before you shower and then shampoo it off. This will help keep your ends healthy and your hair moisturized. Just make sure to use very little and think of it as an oil treatment.

Additionally, at Wellness Origin, we are launching our Wellness Origin Skin Care line with products like eye care and skin moisturizers. We are so excited to share with you our products with the highest quality, organic ingredients in them. In the meantime, come into our brick-and-mortar Spa and Wellness Center in Carmel, Indiana, for an organic facial and an ultimate relaxation experience.

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