Health and Wellness 101:  How to Support the Body’s Natural Detox Support for Spring

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It is important to support the body’s natural detoxification abilities when we transition into the spring. In this article, I will share several health and wellness suggestions for living your best life by keeping your body detoxed and healthy this spring.


When the spring comes, it is time to add fruits back to the diet. Although we need to be eating real organic foods all year long, we transition from denser root vegetables and meats in the winter to lighter, more watery foods in the spring. Fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, grapes, blackberries, and more are perfect in the spring and summer. You can do citrus fruits such as grapefruits and lemon to enjoy the benefits of structured, living water for your health and well-being. In addition to the citrus juices, a green juice is a staple juice that helps to nourish your well-being from the inside out and keep you hydrated.


A detox bath is a perfect way to nourish your skin and whole-body health. It helps to pull out trapped toxins from the inside of the skin. It assists the body in pulling out environmental pollutants, metals, and harmful materials that have accumulated and negatively affect the body’s processes faster compared to similar detoxification mixtures. Our product Ultra Pull Detox Clay is the perfect detox bath mixture for home use for both you and your family. You can purchase it here: https://www.wellnessorigin.com/product/ultra-pull-detox-clay/


Keep your digestive tract and intestinal tract tubes clean and clear when the season changes. Colon Purify Focus is one of our best organic supplements for keeping the bowels moving. With ingredients like Cape Aloe and Barberry Root Bark, it is our favorite of our vitamins and supplements because it helps keep the system moving properly to remove unwanted waste and toxicity for a healthy and happy gut.

Doing a saltwater rinse is also an essential tool for keeping the system healthy. I do these myself, and I crave them. The first couple of days it is rough because your body is clearing out congestion, then it becomes easy, and your body is addicted to it because it makes you feel so good. This is my experience. You fill a mason jar to the rim with clean water, and you add two tablespoons of water to it. Drink it down in a ten-minute period. You must do this on an empty stomach, I recommend first thing in the morning, and give yourself an hour to release all the water.

Regardless of the season, keeping the body healthy and detoxed requires regular maintenance. Yoga, nutrition, and meditation/breathwork are keys to everyday balance and good energy. All three assist with staying detoxed in the spring because yoga squeezes the muscles and tissues to keep the body detoxed. Nutritious foods like sauerkraut and fibers like carrots and celery keep the digestive tract healthy and moving correctly. Meditation and breathwork help keep the mind detoxed from unwanted negativity for balance and whole body, mind, and spirit health.

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