Healthy habits : Improving Gut Health for Spring

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Our gut is a delicate system in the body that requires love, maintenance, and care for us to look and feel our best. When the gut is out of balance, it shows how we think. As a result, we can often feel sluggish, out of our element or have additional brain fog. In this article, I will share several healthy habits to improve your gut health through relaxation, organic whole food supplements, and organic foods you can add to your diet every day.

Organic Supplements for Gut Health

Fiber Purify Focus

Our fiber purify focus product provides your intestinal tract with the fiber required for optimal nutrition in our daily diets. Fiber is necessary because it acts as a sweeping mechanism to help move unnecessary matter out of the body. This helps keeps the gut healthy and happy.

Colon Purify Focus

This product assists with the body’s ability to clean out toxic wastes. We want to keep the entire intestinal tract clean and clear to assist you in feeling as good as possible. Combining the two products mentioned, you can achieve your best results.

Whole foods

When you add the right foods to your diet, you can significantly impact the health of your gut. What does organic mean when it comes to whole foods? We want you to have the highest quality of foods, so that is why we recommend buying everything on this list from the organic produce section. Foods like Sauerkraut have traditionally been used for keeping the gut healthy. You can add organic limes to your diet to thin the mucus in the gut, to keep you at your healthiest self. Other foods like apple cider vinegar have the same effects. Finally, you can enjoy yogurts with probiotics to keep your gut happy and healthy.

Healthy Habits: Relaxation and Why it Affects Gut Health

When you are relaxed, it helps to keep your gut healthy. Stress can affect the gut, that is why we often feel it in those areas. That is why we want to relax as much as possible throughout the day, as that is the natural human state. Deep breathing is a great way to relax the entire system. To keep your energy relaxed, you can engage in a regular yoga practice, such as starting the day with yoga. Additionally, meditation is a great tool to reset the system. We recommend getting healthy sleep to keep your system happy, healthy, and gut relaxed.

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