Healthy Habits: Strategies For Mental and Emotional Health this Spring!

healthy habits

Healthy Habits: Strategies For Mental and Emotional Health this Spring!

At Wellness Origin, we want you to feel and look your best this spring and carry that state of being into the rest of the year. This involves your nutrition, and it also involves your mental and emotional well-being. Below you will find our favorite strategies for nourishing mental and emotional health, as well as three of Claudia’s favorite “Vibe Up Recipes” you can incorporate if you need to elevate your vibe.

Learn about Healthy Lifestyle Habits

First, read our previous article on “5 Tips for Healthy Living This Spring” to learn how to incorporate healthy habits including Hydration, Exercise, Healthy Eating, Breathwork & Yoga, and Spending Time Outside into your self-care for ultimate health. Create a superfoods list for whenever you go to the grocery store to get all of your top essential superfoods in the grocery cart. Also, stop by Wellness Origin to pick up your top organic supplements. These are all very beneficial for amazing mental and emotional health this spring.

Healthy Habits for Mental and Emotional Health


We touched on it in the previous article, however I still wanted to highlight the importance of meditation as one of our healthy habits. Meditation helps to calm the mind, which also balances your emotional state. We highly recommend daily meditation. A great strategy includes 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening before bed.


Being grateful for what you already possess in your life is an amazing way to bring positive vibes. It is also a tremendous technique for creating a healthy lifestyle and helping to rebalance and stay patient in making your dream and goals come true.

Celebrating Achievements

 It is important to celebrate your progress as you accomplish new projects and goals. Often, we are so fixated on the outcome of the next situation that we forget to acknowledge the work we put into an already accomplished task. Take a little breather time to relax and enjoy an accomplishment, and it will give you even more momentum to go into the next one.

Doing at least one thing a day you love

Make a list of the activities you really enjoy, and make sure at least one of these activities is going on during your day. That way, no matter what you are doing today, you will experience joy and happiness.

Dress and look your best!

When you dress to your most presentable, best version of yourself, you are showing up for yourself in the ultimate way. This helps to boost self-esteem, happiness, and becoming your best self.

Special Recipes to “Vibe Up” Anytime

Special Claudia 5 minute Vibe Up Recipe – Dancing & Organic Chocolate

Take a bite of organic chocolate and dance around to your favorite song. You will definitely see a shift in 5 minutes.  

Special Claudia Vibe Up Recipe 2 – 5 minutes to Gratitude

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down as many things you can think of to be grateful for. Start with yourself, then go into other areas of your life.

Special Claudia vibe up recipe 3 – 5 minute Dream Visualization

Visualize something you dream of, that you also feel good about achieving. For example, I really desire having a golden doodle puppy in the future. I can set a timer for 5 minutes and just visualize everything about having that puppy. Getting all of my senses involved is key – what am I seeing when I hang out with my puppy? What am I hearing?

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