Healthy Living: Get Bikini Body Ready for the Summer

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Are you ready to look and feel your best this summer? With all the summer events, it is no wonder everyone desires a great summer body to enjoy themselves at the pool, beach, and at events. At Wellness Origin we offer the products and the knowledge for you to make this happen for yourself. And we believe you can maintain it year-round by following some basic principles. Here are our top products and teachings for your best summer body and healthy living this summer.

Colon Purify Focus

Our Colon Purify Focus product supports a healthy digestive system and proper elimination. When the body is releasing waste properly, it shows on your waistline. This product alone is profound in maintaining a great bikini body. It also has other benefits like improving energy, mental clarity, and mood.

Organic Supplements: Fiber Purify Focus

This is one of our best organic supplements which assists with providing the body with proper amounts of fiber which is needed for health. Many times, our diets do not have the right amount of fiber in them, which can cause us to not eliminate properly and result in not feeling your best. With the right fiber in your diet, your body can keep the digestive system as clear as possible, so you can look and feel your best.

Digestive Bitters Focus

This product assists with digestion. It does so by helping the body to produce bile and digestive enzymes. The product is so important for your bikini body because when the body digests food properly, your tummy stays lean and fit. Pair it with the two organic supplements mentioned above and our Kidney Purify Focus for ultimate results.

Intermittent Fasting

If you are looking to seriously improve your bikini body, adding intermittent fasting to your daily regime is an excellent way to make it happen. When you give your body resting time between meals, it allows for everything to move through the system properly. This provides for less congestion and less build up.

Exercise Regularly

We all have been told at some point of the importance of regular exercise, but sometimes life’s many obligations can get in the way. If you really desire to look and feel your best this summer, we highly suggest getting on a regular exercise regime. Whether you exercise two to three times a week or every day, choose the regime which works best for your body. Make the end goal of exercising to feel great, so you will enjoy getting to the gym and therefore produce long term results in your physique. Have fun with this! After all, it is all for your benefit.

Healthy, Fiber Rich Diet

Consuming a diet of health, organic plant-based foods and adequate amounts of fiber will assist you in your bikini body journey, and it will keep you feeling great. From my own experience, I literally feel so much better whenever I am eating healthy foods that are in the way that nature intended them. I can notice the difference between different food qualities because I have been enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet for many years now. I highly suggest adding fiber rich foods such as celery, carrot, apples, and beans into your daily diet. Do this so you can support your digestive system properly.

Proper Hydration for Healthy living

Hydrating properly is also going to assist you on this journey. Because the body mostly consists of water, the better you hydrate yourself the better you will look and feel. Pay attention to your body to feel what consists of good amounts of water and what is too little or too much. Adding structured living water, or the water found in fruits such as grapefruits, lemons, and oranges, is an excellent way to truly hydrate. Fruits hold the water in its natural form and provide the cleanest, most nutrient rich water source available in your home.


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