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Having a morning routine is essential in setting up your day for success. At the same time, taking some time to wind down in the evening and do self-care also sets you up for better rest and well-being overall. We have all heard about how successful people have morning and evening routines to set them up to perform at their best. Implement your organic supplements from our organic store, gratitude, hydration, and more for your healthy habits. Today I am sharing with you several secrets to the morning and evening routine. Implement what you like for yourself to make your mornings and evenings even better!

Morning routine Healthy Habits

Morning Hydration: Begin your morning with morning hydration. There are two versions I will discuss in this article. One version is a light version. Drink 24 ounces of water with our Cellular Energy Focus and enjoy it while you get ready. This will wake up your body and also provide the minerals you need to kickstart your day with our product. The more hardcore version is our morning saltwater rinse. You can chug 32 ounces of water with two teaspoons of salt. This helps to rinse out the digestive system and get your energy, mental clarity, and overall health ready for the day. I highly recommend this version anytime you are under the weather. If you enjoy doing it every day, go for it.

Meditation: Next, meditation in the morning is an excellent way to start your day on the right foot. Clear your mind and come to your senses with a great 10-15 minutes of stillness.

Gratitude is fantastic for reminding yourself all that you love about your life and life in general. It will help you start your day on a beautiful note and carry those feelings throughout the day.

Exercise: Starting your day with light exercise is a great way to get your mind ready for the day and enjoy yourself and stay in excellent fitness. It helps to boost digestion, mental clarity, and the functioning of your whole body.

More for your Morning Routine

Setting up your day: Take a few minutes and set up what you would like to accomplish for the day. It is good to think about your overarching goals and decide what is essential for today.

Neti pot: clearing out your sinuses is another excellent thing to do in the morning to get you ready for the day. It gives you more energy, mental clarity and keep your nasal passages clear and feeling great.

Take our product Kidney Purify Focus from our organic store on an empty stomach so you can nourish your kidneys.

Morning supplements & breakfast: Enjoy a healthy, organic breakfast with a few of our top supplements such as Digestive Bitters Focus for producing bile with your food. In addition, add Wild Superfood Complete for your daily dose of full spectrum nutrition.

Evening routine including Organic Supplements from our Organic Store

Dinner Supplements: Make sure you had your Digestive Bitters Focus and Colon Purify Focus with an organic food dinner. Colon Purify Focus keeps your intestinal tract clean and clear.

Evening supplements & hydration: Hydrate with a warm tea to wind down and make sure you take your evening supplements from our supplement store for natural relaxation. Our Passionflower Extract and Magnesium Oil Focus are my two favorites for relaxing and getting ready for a great night’s rest. Also, take your Fiber Purify Focus to keep your digestive system healthy.

Have a nice evening stretch for five to ten minutes to unwind from the day and get yourself ready to rest. In addition, it is so relaxing.

Gratitude: Take time again in the evening for gratitude to remember everything you love right before bed. This will put you into a great state for rest along with the next two secrets I will mention.

Dreaming and Visualizing: Spend a few minutes thinking about your dream self and your desires, so that over time you can become that person and bring these things into your life.

Celebrate your successes from the day. This is such an important key in staying motivated and on track with your larger goals. So many times, we dismiss the little steps and the things we accomplished. This is a way to appreciate the journey and appreciate yourself more.

Meditation: ending the day with a nourishing meditation helps you to clear your mind and fall asleep with ease and joy!

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