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The summer sunshine, beach parties, and grilling get-togethers by the pool have begun. So we want to keep educating you on how to feel your best and bring out your beauty glow for the summer. In today’s article, I share natural beauty tips for looking your best this summer and enjoying being creative with your style. After that, I will elaborate on last week’s discussion on fitness through specific tips to add to your fitness regime for your best physical and mental health this season.

Natural Beauty Tips

Change your foundation: Take your makeup shade up a color to match with your sunkissed glow. This is something I like to do every summer that enhances my tan when done correctly. Whenever you are getting more sun, your regular winter make up may not match your new sunkissed glow. This is why I recommend using a shade darker or a bronzer, whichever fits your skin. This can further bring out your tan and can be applied to your shoulders, décolleté, and neck.

Natural makeup looks: Use the easy, breezy nature of summertime to explore your natural beauty.  We recommend organic makeup looks such as minimal eye pencil and mascara and lighter tones on the eyes and cheeks. In addition, a light or nude lip gloss can give that natural feeling and a more relaxed summertime feeling.

Natural summer hairstyles: Play with your hair’s natural beauty for an easygoing vibe – this is the perfect season to enjoy your natural hair for a relaxed summer vibe. You can incorporate gorgeous headbands for style, like a bohemian flower headband or a preppy pearl headband. In addition, fun clips are great to keep the hair from coming into your face. You can do a fun summer ponytail for a night out to keep from sweating when the weather gets scorching. Two braids are also a great summer look that is easy and keeps your hair from making you feel overheated.

White sandals: White sandals or wedges are always amazing in the summer – I feel they add a classy pop in the summertime and match with just about anything. They look great with your sun-kissed skin.   

Summer dresses & rompers: This is the season for the summer dress. You can listen to my song “Summer Dress” by my band Zene to enjoy the evening in your favorite summer look.

Healthy Lifestyle: Fitness

Drink your cellular energy focus before workouts. This supplement contains full spectrum minerals for supporting your health and fitness. I have found that whenever I take this supplement before workouts, I do not feel sore. This is because supplies your body with the minerals you need to support your body during your workout. You can purchase this product in our organic store.

Exercise + sunshine = magic. When you exercise in the sunshine, you are getting the added benefits of the sun’s rays along with your exercise. From my experience, I believe it will make you feel fantastic. It also assists you in breaking into a sweat faster, acting as a mini sauna for your skin. Just be sure to exercise when you feel comfortable under the sun, and it is not too hot. In addition, drink lots of water with your Cellular Energy Focus to keep you hydrated.

Three yoga poses for centering

Warrior II: this pose helps activate your legs, keep your hips aligned, and activates your shoulders and upper back. I love the confidence I feel whenever I engage in this asana and the stretch it brings into my thighs. Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed.  

Goddess Pose: This pose is excellent for engaging the back, knees, and nourishing your sacral chakra. Again, relax the shoulders and let your worries melt away.

Tree pose: This is an excellent pose for practicing balance. If you are already confident in the asana, practice waving your arms like a tree’s branches wave in the wind to further practice staying centered.


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