Natural Sleep Aid Solutions for Your Best Sleep this Spring

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Why is Sleep Important?

In today’s topic, I will be sharing why sleep is essential for your body and ways you can begin to sleep better in your life today. I am a sleep enthusiast. I love living life, and there is great enjoyment when you finish a long day tired, relaxed, and ready for a good night’s rest. 

There are natural sleep aid techniques you can implement into your life to assist you in getting your best night’s rest, so you wake up feeling very relaxed. I will also share a few techniques and the best organic supplements and lifestyle tools you can use in the evening and first thing in the morning to keep your energy at your best.

Practical ways to Sleep Well with Natural Sleep Aid

Things to do in the evening for Natural Sleep Aid

I recommend having an evening ritual that helps you turn off your brain for the day. I can share with you a few things that I do, that I feel help me to get great sleep because I get very good sleep 99/100 nights, and I highly attest that to the wellness things I do during the day as well my evening routine.

      • 10-15 minutes of yoga: It is excellent to do a quick yoga session before getting ready for bed. This will help calm your mind and body and stretch out your body, so you are more relaxed going to sleep.

      • Self-care: Taking care of your hair, teeth, and skin helps relax you and get you ready for bed. It also shows your self-love for your body. You can even do a brief foot massage for 5 minutes with lotion or coconut oil and give gratitude to your beautiful body that houses your soul.

      • Claudia Varga Fragrance Collection: I love to use one of my fragrances before bed. It helps to calm my system down and get me ready for bed. The floral fragrance nourishes my beauty vibe.
    • More Tips

      • Gratitude: Make a list of things you are grateful for in your life. This gets you into a loving state before bed.

      • Set a wonderful setting for yourself to rest in. Make the lights dim, put the phone away, get yourself into your comfiest pajamas for the best rest

      • Do a short, guided visualization right before bed. This will help get your brain into thinking about what you love, rather than monkeying around in different areas. This will help quiet your mind before rest.

      • End the night with hypnosis or meditation: Let yourself fall into a peaceful rest with either of these tools to keep your mind quiet and relaxed as you sink into peaceful rest. I am telling you all I noticed how peaceful and fun my dreams became after I started doing these evening techniques. 
      • They are simple but powerful. I believe they prime the brain into a good night’s rest. While I do not lucid dream, I have very peaceful dreams 99/100 nights. I sleep very well, so I highly recommend listening to my suggestions.

    Health and Wellness Techniques for the Morning

    The first thing when you wake up, acknowledge that you feel relaxed. It is excellent to start the day with a few affirmations that make you feel relaxed such as “I am so blessed to be alive today,” “Today will be the best day of my life,” “Today is a new beginning.” Afterwards, you can start the day with gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life. 

    This will help you keep that state going. You can implement a morning exercise, yoga, or meditation, whichever keeps you feeling good. And of course, morning nutrition from natural food stores. While you get ready, keep repeating things you are grateful for to keep your mind and body relaxed. This way, you stay in that good feeling space before heading out for the day.

    Natural Sleep Aid Products and Rituals for Your Best Sleep

    Magnesium Oil Focus

        • You can use Magnesium Oil in the evening to help soothe muscle tension and relax your body into sleep mode. I often put it on the areas such as my wrists and my ankles, and my feet. You can also massage it into your feet for added relaxation benefits. Do the gratitude technique for your body, mind, and soul.

      Ultra-Pull Detox Clay – Relaxing Detox Bath

          • When you have time, take 30-40 minutes, and do a relaxing detox bath to nourish your whole body. The bath helps to take toxicity out of the body through the skin. This helps you to relax your muscles and entire body and get yourself ready for rest.

        Organic Fragrance Line – Claudia Varga Collection

            • As I mentioned above, using my fragrance line before bed is another added relaxation technique to relax your mind, body, and soul. Do this before a great night of peaceful sleep. Enjoy the luxurious scents of lilac and lily, or ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, and more, depending on which you like best. Each fragrance is hand-made by Dr. Eva and named after one of my songs.

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