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With today’s topic, I want to educate everyone on how to elevate your mental wellness this spring to achieve all your goals and to feel your best with real organic food. In addition to using our organic supplements and organic beauty care secrets, we want you to feel nourished with the best mental and emotional care. Here are my top suggestions which assist me in doing so and achieving my dreams and I hope they will help you.

Gratitude & Positive Affirmations

It is important to consistently remember what you are grateful for daily as this brings to you more and more gratitude. The brain looks for the things that you feed it, so by feeding your brain more gratitude you will continue to recognize gratitude around you all day. I love to practice gratitude in the morning and in the evening before bed.

If you really feel you need extra mental wellness support, I recommend carrying a gratitude journal around with you everywhere you go. That way if your brain falls off track with negativity you can just make a gratitude list and get back on track. I highly recommend bringing in positive affirmations along with your gratitude list to maximize the effect. For example, you can think of 10-20 things you are grateful for and then add in a few positive affirmations like “I love my life, I love God, I love myself” or “My life is a never-ending flow of blessings and miracles” and it will make you feel better. It might even help you achieve and attract more blessings into your life.

Have a plan to build your best life and go for it

Decide the direction you would like to go with your life this year and go for it. I recommend taking at least three actions steps every day to take you in that direction. It is uplifting and electrifying and if you stay consistent, I guarantee you will make measurable progress towards your goals and improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Read nourishing books

I find it very rejuvenating to read a nourishing book which uplifts my mind and my mood. This way, you are training your mind to focus only on things which feed your mind, body, and soul.

Exercise, spend time in nature, meditate, and real organic food

These four practices are very rejuvenating for your mind, body, and soul and you will always feel more uplifted after them than you were before. Exercising helps to get your heartrate going and elevate your mood and mental well-being. It assists with improving circulation in the body. When you spend time in nature, you reconnect with the earth and the trees which is very resetting. You can put your feet on the ground and hug the tree for maximum results. Meditation is excellent for rejuvenating the mind and starting fresh. Eating a diet of real organic food helps fuel your body with the nourishment you need to look, think, and feel your best. Make a list of superfoods to purchase at the store so you know what is best for your family.

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