Organic Beauty Care: Wellness Origin Skin Care and Fragrances

Wellness Origin Organic Beauty Care

Wellness Origin Skin Care and Fragrances

In today’s article, I will share with you all about how you can enhance your beauty care from your own home using our top organic beauty care products. When you nourish yourself from the inside out, you are giving yourself the highest quality experience and elevating your beauty. We provide the highest quality products in the natural beauty scene available on the market today. Learn about two of our product lines, the mother and daughter story behind Claudia Varga’s Fragrance Collection named after her music. We will also share our luxury skincare line and how it benefits your skin.

Organic Beauty Care: Fragrances

Start using the Claudia Varga Fragrance Collection to enhance your beauty and relax your mind. Our luxury fragrance collection comes in six scents. Whether you enjoy honeysuckle in “Where Are You Now” or rose in “The Beat of Love” or lilac and lily in “Had It All,” our fragrance collection has the perfect scent for you. Our fragrances contain 100% organic essential oil blends for both benefiting your health and beauty. Benefits of the fragrances include improving relaxation, mental clarity, digestive health, and more. Each fragrance is beautifully named after singer Claudia Varga’s songs. There is a beautiful mother and daughter story behind the fragrances. They are formulated by Claudia’s mom, Dr. Eva of Wellness Origin, and each scent is chosen to be paired with a song.

Mix and Match Our Fragrances

You can use the fragrances individually and combine them for a unique fragrance blend that can be your signature. For example, combine the coconut scent in “Ride the Wave” fragrance with the romantic rose in “The Beat of Love” for your unique signature.

Men’s Fragrance

We also have a men’s fragrance called “A Little Bit Dangerous.” It is trendy amongst our regular clients, and men all over the country order it. We believe it smells like a handsome boyfriend, and it is a natural way to feel handsome and treat your health well.

Wellness Origin Skin Care

After you have used our fragrances, we recommend adding a luxurious skincare experience for your skin. We have three skin care products containing world-class ingredients.We formulate the Wellness Origin Skin Care Line for men and women of all ages. From the experience of our team and clients, you will experience noticeable results upon beginning to use these products.

The Secret Beauty Routine

We recommend that you apply them in the following order: Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenating Serum, Youthful Eyes Firming Cream, and finally, the Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenative Facial Cream. The order is important because we want you to apply the serum first because the serum is fantastic for hydrating the skin. Then you add the eye cream to hydraIe. In conclusion, we end with the Facial Cream to moisturize and help maintain a smooth and radiant complexion. You are beautiful, and we want to help you maximize your beauty with your skincare routine.

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