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Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Our Detox Bath Kit from our Organic Store

in our organic store, our Detox Bath Kit is our ultimate luxury relaxation set for taking a Spa bath in your own home! The kit combines a detox clay of your choice, either Soothing Quartz Detox Clay or Ultra Pull Detox Clay, with our Humate Beauty Essentials bath additive. It is essential to follow the directions for use on each of these products, as they are potent lifestyle tools that must be used as directed. Both products are sourced from the highest quality ingredients from around the world, and they are essential additions to living a healthy lifestyle! 

Benefits of a Detox Bath include improving relaxation, beauty, skincare, nourishing the body, detoxifying the tissues, and relaxing the muscles.

In this article, I
will share with you more information on the luxury products in our Bath Kit as
well as my own experience with it! You can find these products in our organic
store in Carmel, Indiana, as well as online here on our website. 

Soothing Quartz Detox
Clay from our Organic Store

The beautifying clay
is terrific for use in clay baths, clay slurry, facials, clay packs, and foot
baths. Instructions for these various uses can be found under the product page.
The benefits of this clay include reducing heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals
from the tissues and bringing them out of the body through the skin. It also
adds minerals and electrolytes to the body through the skin. 

Ultra Pull Detox Clay

The potent clay is a
blend of calcium bentonite, for detoxing the body from harmful materials such
as metals and environmental toxicity. Ultra Pull Detox Clay can be used for
bathing, foot bath, or clay pack. This clay is a stronger version of clay than
the Soothing Quartz. 

Humate Beauty
Essentials in our Organic Store

The product is a bath
and facial additive, which includes a mixture of beautifying ingredients such
as ocean magnesium, Epsom salt, Ormus rich minerals, humic & fulvic earth,
and more. This beautiful blend is a strong product, and it must be mixed with a
detox clay in the bath. 

My experience with the
Detox Bath Kit

The Detox Bath kit is a fantastic luxury set for my at-home relaxation! I have been using the kit for almost a decade. I hate to go even a week without it. It truly makes such a difference in my well-being! I usually use the Soothing Quartz Detox Clay, as it is more for relaxation, and it has a more luxurious feel to it. I have also used the Ultra Pull Detox Clay many times. However, the Soothing Quartz is my preference for Spa time, whereas I would recommend the Ultra Pull for focused detox benefits. I find that whenever I take a bath, I will feel immediately relaxed after the bath, and my muscles feel good. I usually have more soothing and calm energy afterward. It helps me to sleep like a baby, and I often do it right before bed. 

I incorporate the Humate Beauty Essentials with the clay, and I also like to add Magnesium Flakes, which are available in Wellness Origin’s brick and mortar organic store in Carmel, IN. 

Learn more about ultimate relaxation

One trick I like to
use for ultimate relaxation is to scrub my skin in the shower either before or
after the bath, with a hand towel and a high-quality soap. This helps to remove
residue from your day and gives for a more revitalizing feeling after the bath!
You can also add essential oils or candles to your bathroom and play relaxing
music for a luxury experience. I love to bring a nice warm drink such as a
chamomile or hibiscus tea with raw honey in it with me to my bath, and
sometimes I will also bring raw chocolate truffles. Be creative with it, and
you can turn it into a beautiful luxury experience in your own home!

Learn more about superfoods for health and more beauty and health topics here on our blog! Our website offers the highest quality organic living superfoods and whole food supplements for bringing your beauty, health, and fitness to the next level! 

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