Organic Superfoods Powder Benefits

Organic superfood powder benefits

Superfood! We hear that term frequently these days, but do we truly know what it means? Find out about Organic Superfoods benefits below!

Is it some super concoction that reverses aging, purify our bodies and maybe even help us win the lottery (THAT would be super!)

The truth is a superfood is just a very healthy food, with many tangible benefits and few or no drawbacks.   As nutritional science progresses, scientists are discovering new benefits contained in certain sometimes exotic foods. Also, Americans have become more health conscious and educated about the foods they eat. It is an exciting time.

Why should I care about Superfoods?

The American public learns that some foods are much healthier than others and that Superfoods are among the healthiest foods people can consume. Also, people realized that processed food is generally not as healthy as organic foods.

At the same time, scientists have discovered foods from around the world that have verifiable benefits rarely seen in everyday foods. The best example of this is Spirulina, a well-known superfood made from a blue-green algae. There are hundreds of studies examining the many real world and substantial benefits of spirulina.

Once people have realized the value of superfoods, they want to incorporate them into their diet.

But new questions arise;

  • What are some of the best source of the superfood?
  • How can I work these superfoods into my diet?
  • Do I have to eat huge amounts of these foods to get their benefits?
  • Are these foods genuinely organic or is it just another marketing ploy by a food factory to get me to buy the same old, processed, unhealthy foods?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go up to a nutritional expert and say, “Please make me a food that combines many pure and organic superfoods into an easy to consume package.”

This is the exact reason organic superfood powders are so popular today. They are a mixture of nutrient dense, high quality, organic superfoods in a powder form which makes them very easy to mix into other foods or drinks.

Benefits of Organic Superfood Powder

Organic – This is very important.  Many fruits and vegetables grow using industrial chemicals and pesticides. In our country as well as many other developed countries, certain chemicals and pesticides have been banned from use. But this is not true in every country. Many developing countries grow food using pesticides that are banned in developing countries and then import these foods into America.  Also, recent studies have demonstrated that fruits with thin skins (strawberries, tomatoes, and spinach particularly) retain these pesticides.

Skeptics will point out that even organic food uses pesticides, but they fail to mention that these are pesticides made from natural ingredients and are currently believed to be safer than synthetic pesticides. Organic superfood powders from reputable sources eliminate a lot of the worry surrounding the use of synthetic pesticides.

Convenience of Organic Superfoods Powder

It is much easier to add a superfood powder to your existing healthy meal than it is to carry around a large bag of fruit, vegetables, and superfoods.  Organic superfood powders blend well into smoothies, cereal, sports drinks, teas, and salad dressing. They give you many of the benefits of superfoods without having to remove seeds, peel, or juice anything.

Quality of Ingredients – Unfortunately, there exists a vast difference in the quality of ingredients among vendors. The superfoods you buy from some sources may not even contain the labeled superfood.

This means it is imperative to purchase organic superfood powder from a reputable source.  Generally, a reputable vendor incorporates several high-quality superfoods into one easy-to-use powder.  Many times, these organic superfood powders cost more than something you can buy at a convenience superstore, but that is to be expected. A hamburger from a fast food outlet is very inexpensive when compared to the hamburger made with organic, anti-biotic free beef cooked by a chef. Technically, they are the same thing, but, there is a world of difference in the quality.


50 years ago, no one heard of cholesterol. 20 years ago, no one had heard of Trans Fat. Nutritional science advances every day, and people are becoming more educated about the foods they eat.  Superfoods are scientifically proven to be very healthy, and once you decide to incorporate them into your diet, the convenience of using powdered organic superfood becomes very desirable.

Wellness Origin has been on the leading edge of this superfood renaissance for almost twenty years. The company founders exist as  Certified Clinical Nutrition Consultants, one of whom Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology, who wanted to ensure they were eating the healthiest food recommended by science.

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