Organic Supplements for Hair Growth and Thickness

Organic supplements for hair growth

Achieve hair growth and health through organic supplements. When supplementing the body with proper amounts of nutrients and vitamins it needs, you achieve noticeable results with your hair health and length. Many times, over styling or coloring, medication, or improper nutrition damage the hair. We recommend to find the nutrients your body misses and supplement your body with those nutrients to help the health and growth of your hair. As a secondary result, you notice your overall health improve!

Organic Plant Silica Focus serves as one of the most important Wellness Origin organic supplements for hair growth and thickness. Silica serves essential in assisting the body with producing collagen, elastin, and cartilage. Liquid silica is also essential in the growth and health of our nails, hair, skin, bone, and joints. It serves as an essential nutrient in keeping hair shiny and healthy without added products. This organic supplement also helps keep up the health of the keratin that is found in hair and nails.

Find Organic plant silica in the horsetail plant. The horsetail plant is a therapeutic found in nature. Uses include herbal medicine for thousands of years. Use it to improve the health of the bones, nails, joints, hair, and skin.

More Hair Growth Supplements

Organic Sulfur Focus is a vital building block for collagen, cartilage, and elastin in the body.

Sulfur is not made or stored in the body, but our bodies comprises of four percent sulfur, and it is essential for the growth and health of our nails and skin. We usually rely on our foods containing the amount of sulfur our bodies need, but modern food is slowly losing the nutrients and vitamins it once carried. Above all, this is why it is essential to supplement with Organic Sulfur Focus.

Organic Collagen Focus plays a major role in maximizing hair growth overall well-being and beauty.

Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in the body, making it essential in almost all of our connective tissues. With proper supplementation of collagen, hair and nails grow thicker, healthier, and beautiful. Skin becomes thicker, more radiant, and clear. Collagen acts as a appetite suppressant, helping with weight management. Wellness Origin’s Organic Collagen Focus sources from the highest quality Argentinian and Brazilian beef. This beef is injection and grain free and is 100% pasture raised. Supplementing your body with high quality organic collagen results in healthier hair, skin, nails, and bones.


Hyaluronic Acid Focus is a powerful organic supplement for the body’s need for ingredients to build its own elastin, cartilage, and collagen. As we get older, hyaluronic acid production and storage in our bodies declines. This makes hyaluronic acid supplements essential for hair health and growth. Hyaluronic acid helps our bodies retain water, keeping us hydrated. This organic supplement contains the unique ability to hold 1000 ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid. In conclusion, this helps to promote hair growth and keep our hair hydrated so it is less prone to dryness and splitting.

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