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A common misconception includes that the only useful source of protein comes from animal products. Vegetarians receive excellent sources of protein from plant based superfoods. Plant-based protein serves as a better alternative for our bodies because they provide better ability to digest foods and provide better nutrition. Organic superfoods serve as nutrient dense foods that help the body’s immune system, weight management, help with digestion, and more. These plant based superfoods give the body enough protein, vitamins, and nutrients to nourish the body.

Plant Based Superfoods for Your Daily Nutrition!

Blue-Green Algae

Blue-Green Algae includes a group of plant-like organisms found in salt-water and some vast freshwater lakes. They serve a source of fiber, plant-based protein, iron, and B vitamins. Benefits of blue-green algae include weight management, relief of anxiety and depression, and fatigue. This organic superfood serves as a complete source of protein compared to soy or beef. This helps your body produce more energy and improve brain function.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain an excellent source of essential fatty acids. They serve as the only grain-based source where you can get all seven of your omega-3 essential fatty acids. Chia seeds further contain a source of fiber and plant-based protein. We recommend to soak chia seeds in water before eating or added to another food. These seeds absorb a lot of water, so it is essential to stay hydrated while consuming them. This organic superfood serves as a fantastic addition for skin health and beauty, weight management, heart health, and overall well-being.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen comes from bees in flowering plants and serves as another of our favorite plant based superfoods that has more protein than animal products. This superfood supports immune health, serves as an excellent source of antioxidants, help the body to fight inflammation, and works as stress relief. Bee pollen serves as an easy way to add to your daily nutrition, take it in capsule form, or add it to foods such as yogurt and smoothies.


Wild Superfood Complete

Wild Superfood Complete serves as Wellness Origin’s best selling organic superfood powder. It serves as one of our favorite nutrient rich foods, composed of over 70 plants, fruits, and herbs. This organic supplement contains the essential nutrients you need for optimal health. This powder meshes easily when added to water, organic fruit juice, and smoothies. Benefits include increased energy and mental clarity, supports digestion health, nourishes all organ systems of the body, and a feeling of overall well-being. All of the ingredients in this organic superfood powder serve essential to your health and benefit your whole body nutrition.


We consider Spirulina as a form of blue-green algae. This contains one of nature’s abundant superfoods for health which is filled with nutrients that could help your body revitalize your health. Find Spirulina as an ingredient in green juices and smoothies, energy bars, and natural supplements. It is the highest form of protein found anywhere. This organic superfood is excellent for people looking for weight management and looking to improve their overall health.

Spirulina has been recommended to help the body detox heavy metals, specifically arsenic, reduce candida overgrowth, supports a healthy blood pressure, promotes health at the cellular level, supports healthy cholesterol, increases energy levels, and supports brain health. In conclusion, this organic supplement is easy to take in capsule, powder, or even whole food form.

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