Bath & Body Care

These are some of our best-selling bath & body care items. These products can be mixed into the bath together to create a relaxing and detoxifying bath. Soothing Quartz Detox Clay is used to nourish the skin, relax tense muscles, and detoxing tissues in the body. This bath clay can be added to any temperature of bath water, making it an ideal clay for a wide variety of uses. This detox clay helps to draw out chemicals from city water and adds in nourishing electrolytes and minerals. *Humate Beauty Essentials must be mixed with a bath clay. Soothing Quartz Detox Clay is best paired with Humate Beauty Essentials. This product is useful in clearing harmful stresses from the body, promoting bright, soft, and healthy skin, and increasing energy levels.   Pink Unrefined Sulfur Salt provides the minerals our bodies need for balancing all of the organ systems in the body. Balanced organ systems promote healthy body PH, increased energy levels, skin, hair, and nail strength, and much more.

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