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Our Wellness Origin Core Products are the foundational products in the Wellness Origin line. Our co-founders chose these products to represent the foundation of our line for their amazing nutritional properties and versatility of benefits for our bodies.  The Core Products consist of products aiding in everything from Beautification to Immune Support to Weight Management. Product spotlights include: Cellular Energy Focus is a beautifying product which contains 100% water-soluble minerals. This fact means the minerals in the product absorb entirely in the digestive tract, so you can utilize all of the nutrition you are receiving when you consume this superfood! Magnesium Oil Focus is fantastic for relaxing and nourishing the muscles and giving vitality to all of the cells in the body. It can aid with everything from lowering stress to increasing energy to reducing muscle tension. Wild Superfood Complete is our full spectrum vitamin powder which has a wide variety of benefits to nourish the overall wellbeing of your entire body.

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