Essential Oils

Essential Oils have multiple uses for the body and in the home. All of our essentials can be diffused in an essential oil diffuser (we recommend following the directions on the diffuser.) Or using 3-4 drops several times a day externally on the affected areas of the body.

Frankincense Essential Oil is used for cosmetic and aromatherapy purposes. Frankincense is primarily used to benefit the digestion system and relief from stomach problems. Frankincense can improve quality of sleep and support oral health. It can also be used for reducing inflammation, increasing relaxation, and promoting healthy skin.  Grapefruit Essential Oil is high in antioxidants making this oil useful for immunity. Regular use of this essential oil results in detoxification, appetite reduction, and mental clarity. Grapefruit Essential Oil comes from the citrus paradisi plant. The oil comes from the peel of the grapefruit, which has the most benefits and beneficial compounds. Grapefruit Essential Oil is one of the most versatile oils in our collection.

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