Organic Perfumes

Our luxury perfumes contain 100% organic ingredients. They give you both the feel of beauty and added health benefits! They contain essentials, consisting of beautiful scents such as rose, ylang-ylang, and gardenia. Many perfumes on the market today contain synthetic ingredients. These products negatively impact your health in the long term. Our essential oil-based, organic perfumes contain completely clean and naturally derived ingredients only. Therefore, they not only support your health, but also provide additional health benefits to make you feel better!

We provide the benefits of our products on each of the unique product pages. Benefits include stress relief, uplifting your mood, enhancing physical energy, and more.

All of our perfumes originate by one of the owners of our business, Dr. Eva. She was inspired to create these luxury perfumes because of her beautiful daughter, Claudia Varga, a singer and songwriter. The fragrances are all named and scented after her songs, written and composed with her band Zene.

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