Sleep & Stress Support

Getting balanced rest for your body and lifestyle is a significant factor in both daily and long-term rejuvenation as well as keeping a beautiful, fresh appearance. Minimizing stress has terrific benefits for your health as well, as it keeps you balanced and enjoying your life, bringing your best brain functioning and physical abilities to every day of life. This collection of products offers lovely support for persons in need of balancing these attributes. Product spotlights include: Maga Rich Minerals are a full spectrum source of minerals for optimal body functioning. As it provides the body with the nutrition it needs for daily functioning, ingredients such as magnesium help lower stress and keep healthy energy levels. Humic and Fulvic Earth is the other ingredient in this formula, and it also has fantastic mineralization capabilities. Soothing Quartz Detox Clay is a 100% naturally occurring clay. It is sourced from a deposit near Crater, Lake Oregon, speaking to its abilities to aid with relaxation, relieving stress and muscle tension, detoxifying, and beautifying the entire body.

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