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Cinnamon Oil Focus


Cinnamon Oil is a natural digestion aid. It helps the digestion system break down food. It further extracts nutrients from food. Cinnamon oil promotes lesser storage of fatty acids in the body. It accomplishes this by increasing blood sugar metabolism. In addition, this oil has amazing mood increasing abilities. Above all, these abilities promote better focus. They also support improved energy levels.

Cinnamon Oil Focus (1 oz)

Cinnamon Oil has served throughout history as an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treatment for the body. Its assists with relieving infections in the bladder, digestive tract and gut. Common uses of Cinnamon Oil include constipation and exhaustion. It further supports low blood pressure and stress relief.

A Dietary Supplement


Prepare Mixture: Fill a 1oz empty glass dropper bottle. By adding 25 drops of Cinnamon Oil into it. In addition, fill up dropper bottle with Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. Only use Olive Oil that is first Cold Pressed. Add 10 drops of Cellular Energy Focus if you have it. Put the top on the bottle. Shake for 20 seconds.

Shake bottle for 3 seconds. EVERYTIME before taking any of this oil mix. Take one dropperful of prepared mixture (25+ drops). 2x/day (in the AM and in the PM). Use it every day for 100 days minimum.

You cannot miss a dose the first 100 days. If you miss an AM dose, double the PM dose. Or, if you missed the PM dose, double the next day AM dose. No Side effects. Even with 10 dropperfuls a day. You can take Cinnamon Oil Focus for life.


This product offers the body a plethora of benefits. These include its function as a natural digestive. This assists the proper break down of food. It also assists with extracting nutrients from food. The oil helps increase blood sugar metabolism. This causes lesser storage of fatty acid. Energy and focus are also amplified. Through the oil’s mood increasing abilities. It contains anti-bacterial properties. These properties support proper gut health. The body can also better control its candida count.  And, it assists the maintenance of whole body balance.


  • Cinnamon Oil. The oil comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree. Use our product through ingesting. Whether cooking with or taking it in water or by itself.
Detail Descriptions/Fine Print

The oil contains physical abilities to affect positive change within the body. The oil supports emotional expression. It encourages self acceptance, self-confidence and clearing trapped emotions. These qualities are all found in persons who ingest cinnamon oil regularly. In addition, it balances our feelings of safety and security. This supports healthy relationships.


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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1.15 × 1.15 × 3.5 in


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