Organic Silica Focus

Organic Silica Focus contains Orthosilicic acid, which is a form of silica that is required in the body for the absorption and transportation of minerals. This powder formula dissolves in water with no taste or texture. In conclusion, the body’s overall wellbeing is supported with Organic Silica Focus.


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Organic Silica Focus (120 grams)

Organic Silica Focus is a trace mineral vital to optimum body function and performance, as it is a potent mineral which enables the body to remain flexible, energetic and resilient to the many factors of life around us. By adulthood, our bodies use up 80% of the silica in our tissues  –this leads to a steady decline of health, thereby causing aging.

In addition, providing the body with sufficient levels of silica can majorly improve overall wellbeing. In other words, it especially promotes the support of hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones, joints, connective tissue and blood vessels.

After that, Organic Silica Focus contains a super high concentrated level of incredibly absorbable bio-available organic Silica, allowing the product to completely dissolve in water with no gritty texture or aftertaste. Above all, it contains Orthosilicic acid, a soluble form of silica.

In addition, this formula contains Orthosilicic acid which serves as a soluble form of silica which the body requires. For instance, the body uses it for the transportation and absorption of minerals in the system.

Dietary Supplement

Ingredients in Organic Silica Focus:

Orthosilicic acid. Stabilized Organic Maltodextrin (Gluten Free). Citric Acid, Stevia, Lemon flavor.


Organic Silica Focus provides astonishing support with Joint Flexibility, Building of Elastin & Collagen, Hair Strengthening, and Bone Density Building. In addition, it supports Tissue Health, Elasticity of Ligaments, Tendons, Cartilage, Tighter Skin and Harder Nails, and assisting with opens in a new windowSymptoms of Inflammation in the Body.


Loading Dose Period:

For the first 2 months take 2 servings 2-3 times a day. In addition, for increased absorption of silicon, enjoy our product on an empty stomach 20 minutes before meals. Mix into a half glass of water stir and drink.

Maintenance Dose:

One serving of Organic Silica Focus twice daily. In addition, for increased absorption of silicon, enjoy our product on an empty stomach 20 minutes before meals. Mix into a half glass of water stir and drink.


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