Pink Unrefined Sulfur Salt

Pink Unrefined Sulfur Salt provides the minerals necessary for balancing the health of all the organ systems in the body. As a result, this helps the body’s energy levels, healthy body PH, hair, skin, and nail strength, and balanced nervous system.


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Pink Unrefined Sulfur Salt (2oz)

Pink Unrefined Sulfur Salt gives the body a 100% pure source of salt based sulfur minerals vital to life. These nutrients allow our bodies to function at optimal levels of health. Our product provides the trace elements needed in our bodies at a cellular level.

In combination with sulfur, an essential element in providing the body with the ability to make amino acids and proteins, support of the biochemical processes of the body is available when you sprinkle Pink Unrefined Sulfur Salt on your foods and smoothies.

Dietary Supplement


Sprinkle on food as desired.


The salt mixture provides the salt-based minerals necessary for balancing the health of the organ systems of the body. It helps the body’s energy levels, maintenance of a balanced nervous system, a healthy body pH level and the strength of the hair, skin and nails, among many whole body process supporting mechanisms. Sulfur itself also promotes weight management, assists with pain relief and symptoms of inflammation and adequate supplementation of sulfur for your daily diet.


Pink Unrefined Sulfur Salt, also known as Black Salt

Additional Information

Sulfur is the eighth most common element by mass in the human body, composing 4% of the body. Studies show through ingesting the Standard American Diet (SAD), we are sulfur deficient. This deficiency causes proteins and peptides to diminish, forcing the cell to undergo anaerobic metabolism, acidosis or fermentation.

Sulfur in Pink Unrefined Sulfur Salt serves as a mineral which enables oxygen dispersal throughout the body. It does so by enabling protein production. Its oxygen carrying capabilities make sulfur a vital component in cellular regeneration, as oxygen allows for proper cellular respiration.

Natural salt allows for the body to function properly. Minerals absorb in the body in the form of salt. Through our formula, the body is provided with the major elements required for functioning.


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