Relax and Sleep: Relaxation Techniques for Fall

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When the fall season comes in, it is important to soothe our bodies and stay relaxed and refreshed. In this article, I will share with you relax and sleep strategies to assist you in feeling amazing this fall. Whether you need assistance in relaxation or having a better sleep, or desire to maximize your energy, you will find excellent solutions in this article. We hope you will enjoy your most restorative fall this year.

Warming beverages & nourishing grounding foods

This time of year, we need to be changing from the fruity, lighter foods of summer into more nourishing and grounding foods. Of course, continue eating fruits all year round. However, you also need to be incorporating more earthy, nutrient-dense foods to account for the season change to relax and sleep well. Nourishing, grounding foods would include beets, carrots, and turnips. They also contain organic eggs and raw cheese. Make sure you are eating according to how your body feels this season. If you feel like you need more food than you did in the summer, make sure to account for that. Usually, you will feel that you will naturally crave more of the foods that I mentioned.

In addition, add in warmer beverages to nourish your body and relax you. This can be a cup of warming tea or an organic hot chocolate with almond milk. Soothing teas include Tulsi teas which assist with relaxation, or a lovely chamomile tea. Drinking warm water will help nourish and relax your system and can even assist with releasing toxins through the digestive system. You can enjoy the added tea benefits of relaxation or the benefits of organic dark chocolate, which include improving mood, energy, and mental focus.

Organic Supplements to Relax and Sleep

Magnesium Oil Focus

Our magnesium oil product features magnesium oil which is a fantastic tool for relaxation. Magnesium assists in relieving muscle tension and total body relaxation. Our bodies require the right minerals to function at our best. So, when you supply your body with adequate magnesium content, you can keep your muscles at the top performance level and feeling their best.

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Passion Flower Extract

Our passion flower product from our organic food store is fantastic for anti-anxiety and relaxation. The relaxing formula features the beautiful flower for a natural, soothing anti-stress supplement. It is one of our best organic supplements for relaxation and supporting healthy sleep.

Wellness Origin Organic Essential Oil Perfumes

Enjoy our organic fragrance line containing 100% organic essential oils. These essential oils assist with keeping your body healthy in addition to the organic beauty care benefits of the oils. For example, benefits of our fragrances include stress relief, relaxation, improving mood, calming the mind, and digestive health.

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Breathing techniques to Relax and Sleep

Pillow breathing – grab a pillow and hug it to your belly. Breathe in and out deeply and relaxingly. Continue doing so for five to ten minutes or until you feel relaxed and centered. As easy as it is, it works well to relax your entire body.

Belly to the floor breathing – you can lay on the floor with your stomach down and breathe in and out deeply. This will help to re-engage your breathing and sync your entire body and breathe together. You can also do this one for five to ten minutes or until you feel your whole body relaxing.

Sound bowls

Using sound therapy for relaxation is amazing and healing. It assists in bringing you back into the present moment to relax your entire body and mind. You can use the sound bowl along with breathing techniques or on its own. Additionally, you can incorporate it with your meditation to relax and sleep.

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