State Shifting Tools for Healthy Living

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In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to develop fantastic abilities to manage healthy living. This is something we were never taught in school, yet it is in my opinion, more important than anything we could have learned. In this article, I will share with you a few of my favorite state shifting tools. I learned these tools to be able to keep love in my heart and good energy whenever I am in new situations. For example, these tools have helped me to go into a situation like a modeling shoot where I could socialize confidently and really nail the photoshoot. Another example is I use these tools to be more creative in writing music as well as writing content for this blog series.

Best Organic Supplements for Healthy Living

Along with the state shifting tools, I will share my favorite Wellness Origin organic supplements for managing your energy. The first is our product Cellular Energy Focus, which is our amazing product containing liquid ionic trace minerals. These minerals are fantastic for providing your body with the minerals our modern diets are often lacking. In addition to this product, you can also use our product Wild Superfood Complete, which is our full spectrum vitamin powder for amazing energy and balance.

One of our best organic supplements Collagen Peptide Focus is spectacular for providing the body with the most abundant protein which is collagen. It serves as the connective tissue for most of our structures. Therefore, it is so essential to have collagen on a regular basis in your diet. Finally, our product Cardiovascular and Nerve Focus supports a healthy cardiovascular and nervous systems of the body. Take this product to support your healthiest, most radiant self.

The first state shifting tool I will share is your heart center. Keep your heart open as much as possible to experience the fullest of life. This is something I am working on as it is very important to love life and allow that love to fuel your well-being. A great way to open your heart is through gratitude. Whenever you are grateful, you release all negative emotion in the moment. Can you think of three things you are grateful for in the moment? Can you feel the energy of how it opened your heart just a bit?

Another tip is breathing. Breathing can always assist you in relaxing and recentering. Can you stop and take three deep breaths? You can always return to your breathe in order to maximize your relaxation and wellbeing. One great breathing tip is to breathe in four seconds and then breathe out seven seconds. This is a great trick for mind and body relaxation. You can further allow yourself to breathe in and out with your belly to the floor or to a pillow. This is very relaxing and calms the body.

More Healthy Living State Shifting Tools  

An additional state shifting activity which I enjoy is to have a calming mantra. An example of this is a mantra is “I choose love and light.” Another one is “I am bringing my best self into this situation.”

Finally, it is important to become an alchemist. An alchemist is someone who turns any adversities or setbacks into opportunities to excel. Ask yourself this next time you hit a challenge, how can I be better or change to make this outcome even better for me in the long run?

We hope you enjoyed learning about these state shifting activities for healthy living and that you can apply them to become your greatest self.

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