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Energy supplements can have a fantastic benefit on your well-being, beauty, mood, and energy! We know it can be confusing to look at how many supplements you would like to enjoy and add the right ones into your daily routine! This post is all about guiding you through practical strategies you can use to add supplements from our organic store into your daily lifestyle!

Create a supplement guide and Keep it simple

We recommend writing a supplement guide in your favorite notebook or on a computer document. This way, you can outline which supplements you are taking and when. You can categorize them by the time of day. During the morning and afternoon is when it is an excellent idea to taking supplements which have energizing effects. In the evening, you can take supplements with more relaxing properties. We highly recommend using the directions we give on our supplement bottles. You can also talk with one of our health specialists for customized needs. Here is an example of a part of a simple energy supplements guide:

Morning – 8 am:

      • Collagen Focus – 1 tablespoon

      • Organic Plant Silica Focus – 1 tablespoon

      • Wild Superfood Complete – 1 tablespoon

    Afternoon – 2 pm:

        • Wild Superfood Complete – 1 tablespoon

      Notice in this example how I am not adding dozens of supplements in each supplement time. Our supplements have amazing nutrition in them, and we recommend taking a simple approach by incorporating fewer supplements for maximum benefits. Then, you can rotate your supplements throughout the year, depending on your seasonal needs and your active lifestyle.

      Pair Energy supplements with meals

      Before meals

          • Digestive Bitters Focus – 4 capsules per meal

          • Hyaluronic Acid Focus – 2 capsules, 2 x a day

          • Vitamin C Focus – 2 capsules, 2x a day

        An excellent way to remember to take organic living nutrition and energy supplements is to take them with your meals! The method is especially important for supplements like Digestive Bitters Focus which is a digestive support supplement great with your meals. This also allows you to take supplements which are recommended to be taken multiple times a day properly, as you can take them at each meal. For an active lifestyle, you can get a supplement carrier from your local grocery store, and bring these supplements with you in your purse or pocket.

        Take certain supplements for before bed

        Before going to sleep is another great time to take energy supplements because you know you will be at home and have them available for you. One thing to remember is not to take energizing supplements before sleep, as they will keep you awake and are for earlier in the day.

        Evening – 10 pm:

            • Intestapurge 03 – 3 capsules

            • Passion Flower Extract  – 2 capsules

            • Magnesium Oil Focus – apply to skin

          Energy supplements we recommend before bed includes our Intestapurge 03 supplement, which is fantastic for promoting a healthy digestive tract and bowel movement. Passion Flower Extract is another great supplement from our organic store, which assists with relaxation and stress relief. Finally, we recommend using Magnesium Oil Focus before bed for its relaxing properties, and it helps to reduce muscle tension.

          In conclusion, are you ready to take energy supplements for gorgeous, healthy hair? Above all, find out more about pairing our hair growth supplements on our YouTube Channel!

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