Supplement Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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At Wellness Origin, we believe in becoming your Best Self, eating organically, and supplements. Above all, almost all of our products come in some form of a dietary supplement and come in a lot of different forms. Some supplements are liquid and mix with water. Some are capsules, and some are powder and mix with food or drink. But, what exactly is a supplement? In addition, why do we need supplements if we eat raw and organic food?

Why do we Need Supplements?

Wellness Origin’s supplements are made with high-quality ingredients. This is done by combining nature’s most nutritious herbs and plants into our products. Above all, our supplements are packed with essential nutrients to help your body reach new levels of health and beauty. In addition, even when we eat raw and organic food, our bodies are still lacking some of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need. This is because the soil in which our food grows does not have the amount of nutrients our bodies need. So, we need an outside source.

What is in a Supplement?

Imagine a plate full of leafy green vegetables and bright fruits. Squeeze that into a capsule. That is what is inside our supplement capsules. Above all, our supplements are made of foods you could eat in a salad. But in a concentrated form so you get those essential nutrients and vitamins. In addition, our supplements are always, always, always made without any kind of filler or chemical because we want you to reach your full health potential.

Enjoy examples of whole foods in our products: Our Vitamin C Focus has hawthorn berry, rose hips, parsley root, and orange peel. Listed ingredients in our Digestive Bitters Focus are aloe vera, cumin, and dandelion root. Above all, all of these ingredients can be found in nature and eaten in a salad. As a resource for whole food and superfood supplementation, Wellness Origin strives to offer products that are completely natural and good for you.

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