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It is our mission to bring your health and beauty to the next level. So, our entire product line is attributed to helping you to grow your well-being. We offer three products, that when used together, we refer to as the “trinity” of Wellness Origin best organic supplements. This is because of how they work together. The three products are Digestive Bitters Focus, Colon Purify Focus, and Kidney Purify Focus. Our organic food store products are organic and wildcrafted for the highest quality products on the market today. Find out below how each of the products works, and why they works so well together.

Digestive Bitters in our Organic Food Store

Our Digestive Bitters Focus features an amazing blend of herbs to produce bile and support healthy digestion. Above all, whenever we are bloated, fatigued, or experiencing excess gas or toxicity in the body, it is an excellent signal that our bodies’ digestive health needs attention. Our formula further assists with promoting healthy bowel health, lessening gas, reducing toxins in the bloodstream, promoting liver, kidney, and gallbladder health. It further supports the cleansing of the liver, blood, and kidneys.

Colon Purify Focus: Best Organic Supplements

This formula assists the body in keeping your digestive tract healthy. At Wellness Origin, we recommend the #1 thing to do every day is to make sure the bowels are moving properly. The product is SO essential for whole-body health. Cleansing out toxins, reducing constipation, maintaining a healthy digestive system, and losing weight is just among the most significant benefits of this product. Enjoy radiant health and energy with the addition of Colon Purify Focus into your lifestyle.

Kidney Purify Focus: Super Supplements

Enjoy radiant kidney health with this product. Our kidney supplement helps to decongest the kidneys and cleanse the kidneys as well. All organic and wildcrafted ingredients are used to also to promote whole urinary system health.

Why These Organic Supplements So Well Together

These products work together beautifully, and we highly recommend incorporating all three of them. Both the Digestive Bitters and Colon Purify Focus assist with whole-body digestive tract health. The Digestive Bitters product releases bile, which further helps the Kidney Purify Focus product do its job in supporting the kidneys’ health. By using all of the products, you are supporting healthy digestion, healthy bowel movement, and keeping your kidneys healthy – can you imagine how this can affect your energy, well-being, physical look and overall well-being? We can tell you from experience, you will love the results.

I personally incorporate all three super supplements on a daily basis. The products are key in improving my energy and mood, mental clarity, steer clear of love handles, and staying in great shape. They further keep me from feeling bloated and congested even after eating large meals. The benefits on energy and mental clarity are what positively surprised me from these products. By incorporating them regularly, they always uplift my energy and mental clarity.

To purchase any of these organic supplements, visit the Digestive Bitters Page, Colon Purify Focus Page, and Kidney Purify Focus Page. Visit our YouTube Channel to keep learning!

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