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Even the name of our superfood supplement for reviews, Wild Superfood Complete, hooked me.

It was perfectly descriptive. ‘Wild’ meant the ingredients were from the wild. They weren’t chemicals created by a corporate conglomerate. They are natural ingredients wild sourced from nature, the way it was intended to be created and consumed.

Organic Superfood Supplement Reviews for Daily Nutrition

‘Superfood’ showed that the product contained the superfoods I have read so much about in today’s latest nutrition news. It is just common sense that some foods are healthier than others. I love eating cotton candy and marshmallows, but when reading about healthy foods, I never see them being mentioned as a positive source of nutrition.  Superfoods are nutrient dense with many benefits and few if any disadvantages. Read more to learn about one of our organic superfood powder reviews.

‘Complete’ told me the product contains a full spectrum of healthy superfoods, not just one or two. In fact, Wild Superfood complete contains over 70 healthy, organic and or wild-sourced ingredients. It is like having a huge table of superfoods all together for you to try. The product contains a smorgasbord of superfoods. It is like having a butler who ran through the entire fresh fruit and vegetable stands at an organic farmers market, collected and organized the best superfoods and then condensed them into an easy to consume organic superfoods powder.  I love the convenience!

More on Wild Superfood Complete

I can add a tablespoon of Wild Superfood Complete to smoothies and turn them into  superfood smoothies! A few sprinkles of it on top of my fresh fruit parfait transform it into the optimally nutritious food Nasa feeds the astronauts. In fact, Wild Superfood Complete contains Spirulina a superfood originally studied by NASA for astronaut nutrition on long- distance space missions!

It is hard for one person to be objective. I’m a person who appreciates both scientific data and personal experience.  The efficacy of superfoods are well known and established. But is important to realize that they are one important part of a healthy diet.

Eating superfoods will not alleviate the unhealthy disadvantages of a poor diet.  I cannot live on cotton candy and marshmallows and expect their negative effects to be counteracted by a few top superfoods.

But I do know that since changing my diet, using Wellness Origin’s Wild Superfood Complete and going to the gym, I have lost 24 pounds in a 3-month period, and I feel healthier. That is an undeniable fact that can stand up to the greatest skepticism science has to offer. How much of these positive changes are directly attributable to the powder, if any, is hard to determine. But I do not care. I just LOVE the results.

I am not a nutritional scientist. Also, I am not a chemist, and I am not omniscient. But I do know, in my opinion, based upon my personal experience that I believe Wellness Origin’s Wild Superfood Complete has had a positive effect on my health and attitude about what is possible when someone changes their diet, adds superfoods and exercises.

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